<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Stage]]> <![CDATA[Christopher Titus is a loser]]> Plenty of comics know that tragedy can make for some great comedy, but few have mastered it the way Christopher Titus has. After all, he’s got plenty of great material to work with: a dead, crazy mom; a dead, alcoholic dad; a dead marriage; and a dead television show, all which have shaped him into one of the darkest comics around.]]> <![CDATA[Adeste fideles for this materfamilias]]> Evincing a commitment to novel, homegrown theatre, the Edge Theatre Company held a new play festival called On The Edge. One of the entrants, Denver native Ellen K. Graham, was later commissioned to write a play for the company, and the result is the Christmas comedy, The Familiars,.]]> <![CDATA[Voulez-vous coucher avec Bah!]]> If you’re having a hard time this holiday season doling out your entertainment dollars, kill three birds with one stone.]]> <![CDATA[Down Southie]]> Playwright David Lindsay-Abaire explores neighborhood survival guilt in his Southie chronicles, Good People.]]> <![CDATA[Westward ho!]]> When is a meditation still water. The backstage wall holds a really an illustration? collection of white rectangles of various Though I don’t believe sizes. Reminiscent of the memorable set playwright Anthony for the Avenue Theatre’s 2004 production of Metamorphoses, Ambition Facing.]]> <![CDATA[Flying]]> What do you get when you mix Frequent Flyers with Christmas? An aerial-dance performance of A Christmas Carol, one of the holiday’s most storied theatrical productions.]]> <![CDATA[Heaven Fest 2010]]> Gathering some 35,000 people from a half dozen Western states on a huge tract of land in Longmont and presenting 70 of the best contemporary Christian musical acts on seven stages, Heaven Fest 2010 seemed to offer many of the same features you'd...]]> <![CDATA[Get ‘em Tiger]]> It was more than four years ago that Emily Harrison, artistic director for Boulder’s square product theatre, saw University of Denver professor Selah Saterstrom read an excerpt of her novel-in-progress, SLAB, at a Naropa University writing workshop. Harrison found the themes intriguing.]]> <![CDATA[The value of failing]]> Early this year, Laura Ann Samuelson, founder of the experimental dance company Hoarded Stuff, began asking fellow artists — who find themselves caught in an endless wheel of marketing and self-promotion — about the opposite end of their resumes. Not how they’d succeeded and what they’d accomplished, but how they’d failed.]]> <![CDATA[Dance]]> For the past decade So You Think You Can Dance has been one of America’s favorite reality talent-competition shows. As much of a thrill as it is watching these skilled dancers compete from at home on your couch, seeing it live is a whole other level of entertainment.]]> <![CDATA[Boulder Weekly’s Complete New Year’s Eve Guide 2014-2015]]> New Years Eve with Caribou Mountain Collective and The Hot Lick..]]> <![CDATA[Kathy Griffin is actually a gay man, and other comedic oddities ]]> About 15 minutes late in ringing my cell phone, Griffin apologizes, having just found out she had to call all the reporters herself, noting, %uFFFDThat%uFFFDs such a D-list thing to be doing.%uFFFD We chatted a little about her latest Bravo stand up special, Balls of Steel,.]]> <![CDATA[Fear and self-loathing in New York]]> Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company (BETC) is one of Boulder’s best, bar none. From its first production, Antigone, BETC began raising the bar for Front Range theater. With Seminar, BETC gets its eighth season started with the second lively, sly and often humorous Theresa Rebeck play it has produced.]]> <![CDATA[Theater | Week of Jan. 15, 2015]]> Forbidden Broadway: Alive & Kicking!.]]> <![CDATA[Theater | Week of April 3, 2014]]> Me, Myself and I at the Dairy Center]]> <![CDATA[Sonata]]> Exotic Yugoslavian dances and “virtuoso tango” will be performed to the piano playing of Mina Gajic and electric violin of Zachary Carrettin. Gajic and Carrettin are a virtuosic duo, known for their dynamic performances and unconventional takes on the genre at hand.]]> <![CDATA[The church basement ladies are back]]> Vivian (Barb Reeves) represents the old guard. The most old-fashioned of the group, she fears the iniquities of “The Cities” — the hotbeds of sin that are Minneapolis and St. Paul. She’s so uptight it’s a wonder she gets any sleep at night. Some years earlier, Vivian ceded her role as leader of the church basement ladies to Karin (Tracy Warren).]]> <![CDATA[Jesus, Mary and Rudy]]> This charming, hilarious, often touching play deserves to be sold out for the rest of its run. It is by far the best LTC production I have ever seen, and it stands toe-to-toe with the finest “major league” shows in Denver — or anywhere else along the Front Range — in the recent past.]]> <![CDATA[All the way]]> Historically, the terms “Rated R” and “dinner theater” have rarely been used in the same sentence. Dinner theater is something you dress up for, not a place to see, for example, men strip down to their skivvies (and then some).]]> <![CDATA['The SantaLand Diaries' kicks Christmas square in its jingle balls]]> Christmas time is again upon us. Depending on your orientation, it is a time for celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, a time for jubilant gift-giving in the name of secular bonhomie or a time to get all Grinch green in the gills and decry every thought and action of anyone subscribing to either of the first two groups.]]>