<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Stage]]> <![CDATA[Late to the zombie party]]> The play opens on the night of the inaugural performance at the Globe Theatre and ends the morning after. Aside from some bickering between Shakespeare and his frenemy, Will Kemp, regarding the ratio of buffoonery to solemnity appropriate for quality theatre, the only real conflict in William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead.]]> <![CDATA[Theater | Week of July 03, 2014]]> Theatre-Hikes: Alice in Wonderland..]]> <![CDATA[Peak performances in new play from BETC]]> The Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company (BETC), has chosen to present an honest, meaningful depiction of love in all of its flawed and passionate glory over this year’s Feast of Saint Fraud-entine.]]> <![CDATA[Wrecked 'em? Damn near kilt 'em!]]> So, you owe me. Yes, you, the reader of this review who will not have to endure the gastronomical atrocities that I, Christ-like, have suffered for thee. Before you start flipping pages or reviewing the table of contents, this is not a restaurant review.]]> <![CDATA[Opposites attract]]> Given the myriad ways in which other directors have put their stamp on this ageless tale — from turning Felix and Oscar into women to utilizing the Kabuki form — director Robert Kramer’s decision to stage this Miners Alley Playhouse production in the play’s original 1965 New York City setting is inspired and heightens both the many similarities and striking juxtapositions between then and now.]]> <![CDATA[A starcatcher is born at Denver Center for the Performing Arts]]> Every child yearns to grow up and throw off the seemingly unbearable yoke of parents, teachers, priests and other bullies. Invariably, they realize too late that while the adult world is a place in which they can eat ice cream for dinner and stay up as late as they want, early onset diabetes and 7 a.m. personnel meetings are extremely harsh overlords.]]> <![CDATA[Letting Peggy Jo take the wheel]]> Most of what follows is true — the true story of a woman too big for her own life. Peggy Jo Tallas was mired in the post-women’s-liberation problem that faces so many women: If you didn’t grow up to be a wife and a mother, what did you grow up to be? And is it just a whole lot of nothing?.]]> <![CDATA[Fourth of July happenings]]> <![CDATA[Down Southie]]> Playwright David Lindsay-Abaire explores neighborhood survival guilt in his Southie chronicles, Good People.]]> <![CDATA[Drinking away Christmas Eve in Conor McPherson's 'The Seafarer']]> For most of the play, The Seafarer seems to be a tart, cynically humorous morality tale about the dangers of drink, but in the end it cops out, letting Sharky, Richard and the rest off the hook in the name of feelgood Christmas miracles.]]> <![CDATA[A stormy telling]]> That The Tempest weaves through murderous plots, attempted rape, enslavement, ill-fated lovers and split families — the territory of tragedies, to be sure, and escapes relatively unscathed as something closer to a comedy is a testament to the strength of Shakespeare as a writer. By some counts, this final work by the Bard is his best, a victory lap demonstrating his mastery in capturing the human character.]]> <![CDATA[listen]]> As part of an ongoing commitment to the cultivation of new theatrical work, The Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company will be presenting a staged reading of Boston playwright David Valdes Greenwood’s Full Code, the story of a woman whose husband is critically injured in a tragic accident, and who then finds another woman at his bedside as he is comatose.]]> <![CDATA[Christopher Titus is a loser]]> Plenty of comics know that tragedy can make for some great comedy, but few have mastered it the way Christopher Titus has. After all, he’s got plenty of great material to work with: a dead, crazy mom; a dead, alcoholic dad; a dead marriage; and a dead television show, all which have shaped him into one of the darkest comics around.]]> <![CDATA[Get your knickers in a twist]]> All of you — okay, both of you –— avid theatre review readers will remember that my last review was of Roller Skating With My Cousin which, unsurprisingly, contained generous amounts of on-stage roller skating. Who’d of thunk that this, my very next review, would be of a play as different from the last as peanut butter is from the space shuttle and yet, through some heretofore unheard of cosmic convergence, would also feature roller skating? I mean, what are the odds? No, seriously, I have no idea. Feel free to email in with your statistical estimates.]]> <![CDATA[laugh]]> Los Angeles-based Thai Rivera is the current titleholder at the World Series of Comedy competition in Las Vegas and has performed in comedy shows all over the nation, on Comedy Central and abroad, pushing a personal brand of mildly grumpy, anti-PC blunt honesty that almost everyone can begrudgingly agree with.]]> <![CDATA[laugh]]> Two-time Emmy award winning comedian Louie Anderson has been performing since the late ’70s, but got his real start in 1981 as a writer for Henny Youngman. Since then, he’s had decades of critical acclaim as a comic, as well plenty of time put in acting for film and television, and hosting game show Family Feud from 1999 to 2002.]]> <![CDATA[What has four legs and rocks?]]> John Elway walks into a bar. The bartender asks, %uFFFDWhy the long face?%uFFFD No wait. I mean, a horse walks into a bar, and the bartender asks, %uFFFDWhat%uFFFDll you have, Mr. Elway?%uFFFD Nope, that%uFFFDs still not it. Let%uFFFDs see.]]> <![CDATA[Theater | Week of June 12, 2014]]> Theatre-Hikes: Alice in Wonderland..]]> <![CDATA[Nobody puts Falstaff in a corner]]> Now in its 57th season, the Colorado Shakespeare Festival is enjoying a wellearned renaissance. The 2014 CSF is full of interesting, high-quality offerings, chief of which is the uproarious The Merry Wives of Windsor. During the 12 years I have had the privilege of reviewing the festival, I can recall only a few other examples of productions this entertaining.]]> <![CDATA[Here is the school. Here is the steeple.]]> The year is 2243. The Philadelphia Eagles have just won their first Super Bowl. And much to everyone’s surprise, God himself decides to take a leisurely stroll down 5th Avenue in New York City (now known as Little Beijing) with his arm ensconced firmly in the backside of the corpse of Charles Darwin.]]>