<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Tech Today]]> <![CDATA[Mobile-Phone Surveillance by Police Targets Millions Annually]]> Mobile carriers responded to a staggering 1.3 million law enforcement requests last year for subscriber information, including text messages and phone location data, according to data provided to Congress.]]> <![CDATA[Apple may seek U.S. ban of Samsung Galaxy S III]]> Apple is trying to ban Samsung's Galaxy S III even before it reaches U.S. shores. Apple attorney Josh Krevitt said at a hearing yesterday that the company may file for a temporary restraining order as soon as today to stifle the Galaxy S III's U.S. debut on June 21, Reuters reported.]]> <![CDATA[Instagram adds likes, comments in Web page expansion]]> Instagram has increased its Web presence with a site overhaul that includes the addition of more interactive features.]]> <![CDATA[Google, Samsung cancel product launch out of respect for Jobs]]> <![CDATA[YouTube turns 5 and can't wait to grow up]]> <![CDATA[Consumer Electronics Show to tout Web-connected TVs]]> <![CDATA[Google to rent movies through YouTube]]> <![CDATA[Windows Phone 8 shipping on new phones this fall]]> Windows Phone 8, the successor to its Windows Phone 7.5 Mango mobile operating system, will ship on handsets starting this fall, according to Microsoft.]]> <![CDATA[Chinese Internet users praise Google's threat to exit]]> <![CDATA[Porn need not apply on iPad, iPhone]]> Late on a Friday night in May, when the small children of first-generation iPad users were fast asleep after bedtime stories on its fascinating new digital display, a tech blogger launched this e-mail fireball at Apple CEO Steve Jobs: "If Dylan was 20 today, how would he feel about your company? Would he think the iPad had the faintest thing to do with 'revolution?' Revolutions are about freedom."]]> <![CDATA[Viacom files appeal in Google-YouTube case]]> <![CDATA[Smart phones offer users a way to ditch pricey voice plans]]> Your monthly cell phone bill is way too expensive. No, it's not the fees or taxes or even text messages that are leaching your wallet. It's your voice plan. The feature that made cell phones useful and popular is now an overpriced relic. Fortunately, a growing portfolio of options exists to rid you of that unnecessary burden, although the biggest wireless carriers are reluctant to talk about them.]]> <![CDATA[Alleged LulzSec Hackers Arrested as Leader Turns Snitch]]> Lulz Security, a hacking group that stole data from law enforcement, defaced the websites of major publications and published troves of user names and passwords from online services, has suffered a critical blow at the hands of law enforcement.]]> <![CDATA[Some parents worry Google Buzz is 'danger zone' for children]]> <![CDATA[Amazon Partners With Paramount, Brings Hundreds More Movies To Prime Instant Video Service]]> Amazon is continuing to grow its collection of streaming video titles at Amazon Prime Instant Video, and is today announcing another new agreement with Paramount Pictures bringing “hundreds” of new movies to the service. This deal isn’t as large as March’s partnership with Discovery, which saw some 3,000 new titles added, but it does introduce what are arguably more big-name movies. Included in the deal are titles like Mission: Impossible 3, Braveheart, Forrest Gump, Mean Girls, Nacho Libre and Clueless, to name a few, and Amazon says more will be added “soon.”]]> <![CDATA[Samsung will modify phones if Apple ban request goes through]]> On the heels of its loss in court against Apple over patent infringement claims, Samsung has acknowledged that it would modify its smartphones to comply with any court demands.]]> <![CDATA[AT&T considers charging iPhone users for high data usage]]> <![CDATA[Facebook buys Instagram for $1 billion]]> Mark Zuckerberg took to Facebook today to announce that Facebook has acquired photo-sharing service Instagram for $1 billion in "a combination of cash and shares of Facebook." Over at the Instagram blog, CEO Kevin Systrom writes about the acquisition, and notes that "You'll still be able to share to other social networks."]]> <![CDATA[Microsoft Office 2010 beta ready to download]]> <![CDATA[AT&T Will Unlock Your Off-Contract iPhone Starting On April 8]]> Ask (enough times) and ye shall receive. AT&T has kept the iPhone under lock and key since day one, but we’re hearing that a pretty dramatic policy shift will go into effect starting this Sunday. Once April 8 rolls around AT&T will unlock your iPhone should you so choose, at which point it’ll play nicely with a microSIM from any GSM carrier.]]>