<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Tech Today]]> <![CDATA[Sony Confirms 10,000 Jobs To Go As Part Of Its Big ‘One Sony’ Reorganization]]> So the reports have proven to be true: Sony has now officially said that it will be reducing its headcount by 10,000 people worldwide, some six percent of its workforce, as the struggling electronics giant reorganizes under new management and its new “One Sony” plan.]]> <![CDATA[Google Street View harnesses tricycles to go where cars can't]]> Google Inc. this week launched its largest-ever collection of Street View images taken by a humble but versatile vehicle — the tricycle — as the Internet giant greatly expands the reach of the popular but controversial program beyond public streets into hiking trails, amusement parks, historical landmarks, parks and gardens.]]> <![CDATA[Halo video game franchise moves forward]]> In the opening shot of the new video game Halo Reach, a helmet with a shattered visor lies alone on the surface of a barren alien planet. It's a solemn vision signifying that unlike the previous five Halo games, this isn't a story of victory and triumph. As a prequel to 2001's original Halo, Reach tells the story of a critical defeat that leaves humanity on the verge of being conquered by an alien alliance known as the Covenant.]]> <![CDATA[Kanye West is not amused by Coinye West]]> Rapper Kanye West filed a cease and desist order against the creators of Coinye West, a parody virtual currency.]]> <![CDATA[Looking ahead to CES 2013]]> One of the world's largest tech expos is coming to Las Vegas Jan. 8-11, and while surprises are expected, we can still get a sense of many of the upcoming exhibitions.]]> <![CDATA['Bayonetta' a tasty witch's brew]]> Similar to games like Devil May Cry, Afro-Samurai, and maybe even Ninja Gaiden, Bayonetta is an action-filled “beat em’ up” with what seems like hundreds of moves and combos, a handful of spells, and a nice collection of weaponry. The Japanese-produced video game, now available on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, follows Bayonetta, the lone witch who survived a war between two clans – the Lumen Sages and Umbran Witches. Of course the Sages represent everything good in the world and the Witches represent the dark evil side.]]> <![CDATA[Authorities seize $28 million in bitcoins from Silk Road]]> The BBC is reporting that U.S. authorities have seized $28 million in bitcoin from online purchase site, Silk Road. ]]> <![CDATA[It's hip to be Square; Twitter inventor has new venture]]> ST. LOUIS, Mo. — It was in February that Jim McKelvey ran into the problem that would lead to the birth of Square, a new mobile-payment venture led by Twitter inventor Jack Dorsey.]]> <![CDATA[Military readies Iron Man suit for summer testing]]> Though the public consciousness likely thinks of futuristic cyborg battle armor as the sort of thing still relegated to sci-fi films, it's closer to reality than the average person might realize. ]]> <![CDATA[New iPhone apps allow plastic-surgery hopefuls to 'Heidi' themselves]]> <![CDATA[Netflix CEO admits ‘arrogance,’ renames disc business Qwikster]]> After watching customers leave and the company’s stock price plummet, Netflix Chief Executive Reed Hastings on Sunday admitted that he had fallen victim to “arrogance” and announced changes to the DVD offering.]]> <![CDATA[Review: Apple's iMac still leads in desktop computing]]> Those of us sitting at desks all day can start drooling. Apple's new iMac is out and, CNET says, it's a beauty.]]> <![CDATA[Google unveils a 'more beautiful' Google Plus]]> Google has taken the wrapper off of its redesign of Google , which the search giant reckons makes the social network easier to use.]]> <![CDATA[Apple, Samsung patent war 'peace talks' begin today]]> Later today, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung head Choi Gee-sung will sit down together for the first of two days of court-ordered mediation.]]> <![CDATA[YouTube adds face blurring tool to protect anonymity]]> Google has incorporated a neat face blurring feature into YouTube in the hope of protecting the anonymity of protests in videos posted to the site.]]> <![CDATA[Amazon goes Minority Report]]> The Wall Street Journal is reporting that online retailer Amazon has been granted a patent for "anticipatory shipping."]]> <![CDATA[UK seeks to further restrict access to 'terrorist videos']]> The BBC is reporting that fears of ministers in the U.K. are seeking to further block the ability to view videos posted to the internet depicting or encouraging violent extremism.]]> <![CDATA[One year after release, Microsoft moves Kinect toward business and science]]> While conceived as a device meant to expand the reach of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 gaming platform by allowing people to play video games without the need for controllers, the Kinect has always been destined for a broader future.]]> <![CDATA[The Pirate Bay Attacks Censorship With Low Orbit Server Drones]]> In recent months The Pirate Bay has drastically changed its site to make it less vulnerable to ever increasing censorship attempts across the globe. But that was just the start, as the torrent site now says it’s getting ready to put some of its hardware in GPS controlled drones. “Everyone knows WHAT TPB is. Now they’re going to have to think about WHERE TPB is,” The Pirate Bay team told TorrentFreak.]]> <![CDATA[Top 10 new features in Apple's Mountain Lion]]> Since it was first previewed at Apple's developer's conference in June, anticipation has been building for the company's new operating system, Mountain Lion.]]>