<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Tech Today]]> <![CDATA[More computer worms, viruses expected to target social networks]]> <![CDATA[AT&T considers charging iPhone users for high data usage]]> <![CDATA[Complete coverage and details of Apple's iPhone 5 release]]> A complete roundup of coverage of the iPhone 5 announcement today from Apple.]]> <![CDATA[Amazon steps into Netflix space with stream plan]]> Amazon.com said Tuesday morning that it has launched a video-streaming plan for subscribers to its Prime service — in direct competition with Netflix Inc.]]> <![CDATA[Twitter raises 'significant' round of funding]]> <![CDATA[Apple overtakes Google as top brand]]> <![CDATA[Microsoft Surface tablet to ship by the end of October]]> The Surface, Microsoft's tablet to answer the iPad that has been hinted at for months, finally has a price and a release date.]]> <![CDATA[Second trojan sneaks onto the Mac]]> Right after security engineers the world over high-fived themselves for stomping out the Flashback Trojan, which menaced more than 650,000 Mac users, a new menace rears its ugly head -- and this one is potentially even larger.]]> <![CDATA[EA Sports agrees to $27 million settlement in football game monopoly lawsuit]]> EA Sports has reached a proposed settlement of $27 million with the plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit that claimed the company's exclusive licensing agreements "monopolized an alleged market for interactive football software," ending more than four years of litigation in the federal courts.]]> <![CDATA[Samsung Galaxy S III announced: available in Europe May 29th, North America in June]]> Capping months of rumors and speculation, Samsung has announced its Galaxy S III smartphone at an event in London today. Major specs include a 4.8-inch PenTile Super AMOLED display at 720p resolution, 8-megapixel primary and 1.9-megapixel front-facing cameras with 990ms start-up time, 3.3fps burst mode, and best-shot selection (similar to the HTC One series), 16 or 32GB of storage (a 64GB version is coming later) with microSD expansion, Bluetooth 4.0 support, GPS with GLONASS reception, high-throughput 40MHz 802.11n Wi-Fi, NFC, and a relatively large 2,100mAh battery.]]> <![CDATA[Redbox Instant Streaming To Launch Alpha Testing, Name Former Verizon FiOS Exec Shawn Strickland CEO ]]> In February, Coinstar subsidiary Redbox announced a joint venture with Verizon to launch a streaming video service. Later this afternoon, we're told, the companies will provide a bit more insight into the partnership, though details of the service are still extremely limited.]]> <![CDATA[Drone used in Australian drug-smuggling attempt]]> A man has been arrested after an attempt to smuggle drugs into an Australian prison using a drone aircraft.]]> <![CDATA[Indian probe to Mars cost less than film, Gravity]]> A recently launched Indian probe to Mars was accomplished with costs of only $75 million.]]> <![CDATA[With new Web domain name rules, .anything is possible]]> <![CDATA[Curiosity lands on Mars]]> Mars Science Laboratory arrived at its destination Sunday night at 11:31 p.m. The MSL team at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory's control center in Pasadena was ecstatic; the mission control room was flooded with jubilant pandemonium. According to NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden, who was there along with Deputy Administrator Lori Garver and Presidential Science Advisor John Holdren, "Everybody in the morning should be sticking their chests out saying, 'That's MY Curiosity rover on Mars!'" The rover is checking out in perfect shape so far, and soon the science will begin.]]> <![CDATA[Amazon Said to Plan Smartphone to Vie With Apple IPhone]]> Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN) is developing a smartphone that would vie with Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s iPhone and handheld devices that run Google Inc. (GOOG)’s Android operating system, two people with knowledge of the matter said.]]> <![CDATA[Apple shells out $60 million settlement for iPad trademark in China]]> Apple has agreed to pay $60 million to China-based Proview over the iPad trademark in China after numerous back-and-forths in court. Although Apple claims it has owned the iPad trademark in China since at least 2010, Proview won a series of Chinese courts decisions throughout 2011. Apple took the case higher up the chain and even battled Proview in the US for a while, but apparently decided to put the case to rest as of June 25.]]> <![CDATA[Viacom, Google trade accusations over YouTube]]> Viacom and Google, raising a slow-brewing corporate drama to the boiling point, swapped blistering accusations of piracy and clandestine actions as part of a high-stakes legal war aimed at redrawing how television programs and movies are watched on the Internet.]]> <![CDATA[Amazon raises royalty rate for Kindle e-books]]> <![CDATA[Smart phones oust PCs from top of tech food chain]]>