<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Tech Today]]> <![CDATA[Atomic clock at CU Boulder sets new records in precision and stability]]> The world’s most precise clock now resides on the campus of the University of Colorado Boulder.]]> <![CDATA[Android market share surpasses iPhone's, NPD says]]> <![CDATA[Drone used in Australian drug-smuggling attempt]]> A man has been arrested after an attempt to smuggle drugs into an Australian prison using a drone aircraft.]]> <![CDATA[Radio Shack to close 20 percent of its stores]]> Radio Shack, will be closing around 1,100 of its stores, a number representing nearly 20 percent of its locations. ]]> <![CDATA[Infamous DC-10 takes its final flight]]> The final commercial flight using the infamous DC-10 airplane is now in the history books.]]> <![CDATA[Sony slices price of PlayStation 3 game console]]> <![CDATA['Fooducate' app tells consumers if foods contain GMOs]]> California's Proposition 37, which would require all food containing genetically modified organisms to be labeled, is expected to pass despite slightly waning support, according to polls.]]> <![CDATA[Google challenges Facebook with its own social network]]> <![CDATA[Denver home to new, tiny, green-friendly Starbucks design]]> LEED certification is typically reserved for your big skyscrapers or your university academic buildings. But coffee giant Starbucks is thinking small, and it's taking LEED certification with it.]]> <![CDATA[Twitter raises 'significant' round of funding]]> <![CDATA[How FarmVille's makers missed the boat on the next great era of gaming]]> Before there were virtual farmers in FarmVille and virtual shop owners in CityVille, there was Ultima Online. Considered to be one of the first successful massively multiplayer online computer games, Ultima Online changed the way many developers and players thought about gaming.]]> <![CDATA[Here is what memory looks like physically]]> Scientists have finally witnessed the movements of the molecules that form memories, a breakthough that may lead to better understanding of how memories are made. Exactly how did they do that? F]]> <![CDATA[Angry Birds Space Hits 10 Million Downloads In Less Than 3 Days]]> Fans of Angry Birds Space downloaded the game 10 million times in less than three days after launching Thursday for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows, Game maker Rovio said Monday. Angry Birds Space is the fourth version of the popular mobile slingshot game and the first new game since Rovio introduced Angry Birds Rio in March 2011. Pricing for Angry Birds Space ranges from $0.99 for iOS and a new ad-free version for Android up to $6 for Windows PCs.]]> <![CDATA[With the development of Chrome OS, Google is ready to take Microsoft on its home turf -- the operating system]]> <![CDATA[Samsung will modify phones if Apple ban request goes through]]> On the heels of its loss in court against Apple over patent infringement claims, Samsung has acknowledged that it would modify its smartphones to comply with any court demands.]]> <![CDATA[Sprint hit with $300 million lawsuit for tax fraud in New York]]> Sprint has been slapped with a $300 million lawsuit by New York state for tax fraud, the NY attorney general's office announced Thursday. The carrier allegedly submitted false records that allowed it to underpay taxes, in the interest of keeping its monthly charges low to "obtain an advantage over its competitors."]]> <![CDATA[Debate rages as Spotify, MOG, and Rdio kill / save the music industry]]> For the conscience-laden music consumer, streaming music services present an interesting quandary. By separating the concept of "legal access to music" from the age-old paradigm of "paying the artist for an entire song or album," they've presented us with a whole new set of ethical dilemmas to worry about.]]> <![CDATA[Online Dating's Strangest Sites]]> Online dating is now responsible for one in three romantic relationships. So in honor of Valentine's Day, check out these 12 "niche" dating sites. Some are interesting, some are stimulating, and a couple are just plain weird. Enjoy.]]> <![CDATA[Broadband reaches warp speed in British test]]> The BCC is reporting that the “fastest ever” broadband speeds have been achieve in a test in London. ]]> <![CDATA[Google offers $1 million reward to hackers who exploit Chrome]]> Google has pledged cash prizes totaling $1 million to people who successfully hack its Chrome browser at next week's CanSecWest security conference.]]>