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Thursday, July 10,2014

Mosquito control

Managing disease comes with environmental concerns

By Caitlin Rockett
It’s an unfortunate fact of life that along with those endless dog days of summer — perfect for barbeques, biking, hiking and swimming — also comes the height of mosquito season. While these blood-sucking members of the fly family are often little more than nuisances, certain species of mosquitoes can carry dangerous diseases, such as West Nile.
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Thursday, June 26,2014

Fight for your right (to know what's in your food)

Colorado takes its place in a growing grassroots movement that believes citizens have a right to know when their food contains genetically engineered ingredients

By Caitlin Rockett
Larry Cooper describes he and his wife Tryna simply as “concerned citizens” — proud grandparents seven times over, owners of a meeting and event company. Their concern over the safety of American food became so great, however, that the couple placed themselves at the helm of a citizen-led movement in Colorado to require labeling products that contain genetically engineered ingredients.
Thursday, June 26,2014

Boulder County AIDS Project three times as effective at stopping HIV

A new study shows that BCAP’s clients fare better than their counterparts across the country

By Caitlin Rockett
Hayden is one of approximately 600 HIV positive people living in Boulder County. In addition to those 600 people, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment estimates that there are about 126 people in the county who are unaware they are infected. Those 700-odd people account for 6 percent of the total number of people (11,750) living with HIV in the state of Colorado.
Monday, June 23,2014

Green your grill

Your charcoal grill is bad for the environment and your health, but making it more environmentally friendly is easy to do

By Caitlin Rockett
It’s a tradition that’s quintessential to summer. It just doesn’t quite feel like summer until you’ve tossed a few burgers (maybe a couple portabella caps for the veggie crowd) on the grill, a cold beer in one hand and tongs in the other. But few of us ever stop to think about the environmental impact of our summer barbeques.
Thursday, June 19,2014

An inside job

Even with five officers convicted for various crimes over the past two years, Boulder city officials avoided seeking an external candidate when it came time to hire a new police chief

By Caitlin Rockett
On Monday, Boulder City Manager Jane Brautigam named Deputy Police Chief Greg Testa the city’s new chief of police. Testa had served as interim chief since April 1 when Mark Beckner retired after 16 years as the city’s lead officer.
Thursday, June 5,2014

Boulder Rights of Nature hosts water forum

Local activist group looks to educate Boulder on Colorado’s strained water resources

By Caitlin Rockett
Backed by local activist group Boulder Rights of Nature and the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center, a diverse group of experts, environmentalists and concerned citizens will address a variety of critical water issues facing Boulder, the state and the West at an open forum on June 7.
Thursday, May 29,2014

Natural gas: a bridge to nowhere

A Cornell professor says that new research shows that coal and oil are less harmful to the environment when it comes to greenhouse gases than natural gas

By Caitlin Rockett
The term “bridge fuel” has become a catchphrase for natural gas. In his most recent State of the Union address, President Obama referred to natural gas as the “bridge fuel that can power our economy with less of the carbon pollution that causes climate change.
Thursday, May 8,2014

With record profits, Xcel still plans to seek rate increase

Citizens question the validity of the utility’s six back-to-back rate increases since 2003

By Caitlin Rockett
A recent report from Xcel Energy detailing earnings on electric energy in Colorado shows the utility exceed the maximum profit set by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) by more than 11 percent. Despite excess earnings for the company’s Colorado subsidiary, known as the Public Service Company of Colorado (PSCo), a May 1 statement from Xcel says the utility plans to file for future electric rate increases in the state in 2015 and beyond.
Thursday, May 1,2014

Let the Sunshine in

A JeffCo District Court ruling weakens all Colorado citizens’ rights under Open Meetings Law

By Caitlin Rockett
In February, Jefferson County District Court Judge Margie Enquist ruled that a secret ballot vote by the Arvada City Council didn’t violate Colorado’s Open Meetings Law, often referred to as the “Sunshine Law.” Enquist also ruled that the plaintiff, a citizen of Arvada, had no legal standing to take action against the city government because he couldn’t prove he suffered personal injury from the secret voting.
Thursday, April 24,2014

BolderBoulder ‘sissy’ T-shirt stirs debate

Boulder’s popular 10K race has been selling the shirt for years, but some Boulderites say it’s time to stop

By Caitlin Rockett
May 26, tens of thousands of people from around the world will descend upon Boulder — some of them in traditional running gear, many of them in wacky costumes — to participate in the annual BolderBoulder, a 10-kilometer road race that has become one of America’s most loved races. But for some, the jovial spirit of the competition is lost because of a race-sponsored T-shirt claiming that “Sea level is for sissies.” While the T-shirt has been around for years, debate over the connotation of the word “sissy” continues to flare.