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Thursday, April 18,2013

Smart fashion: Clothing ethics under the microscope

H&M set to open in Boulder while shifting towards conscious trends

By Erica Lindberg
No need for the herald: It’s a well-known fact that American society is a consumerist culture.
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Thursday, April 4,2013

Gliding over Ghana

Boulder digital designer shares passion for flight

By Erica Lindberg
It’s a lot like that dream you had as a kid — the dream where you could fly. “I used to love that dream and was always disappointed when I woke up and couldn’t fly,” says Tim Meehan, a freelance digital designer and tandem paraglider pilot based in Boulder.
Thursday, March 28,2013

Hemp: The fiber side of cannabis

Amendment 64 legalizes industrial hemp farming in Colorado

By Erica Lindberg
While marijuana advocates celebrated the success of Amendment 64 in the November election, other cannabis aficionados began focusing on something new: farming hemp legally.
Thursday, March 28,2013

Space for change: Coworking spaces sustain entrepreneurial community

By Erica Lindberg
Coworking spaces are not your typical offices. You won’t find any cubicles and there are no bosses. A mobile application developer might work at the same table as a natural foods marketer, both sharing one common denominator: a sense of a professional community.
Thursday, March 14,2013

Importing old tradition

European-style pub plants roots in Boulder

By Erica Lindberg
The Bohemian Biergarten is not a restaurant, it’s a pub, says Srom, and traditional pilsners will dominate the taps.
Thursday, March 7,2013

Pesticide problems persist

Study finds pesticides leading cause of grassland bird deaths

By Erica Lindberg
Pesticides are made to kill something somewhere — it says it in the name and there is always a trade-off, says Pierre Mineau, Ph.D., co-author of a new study that found that pesticides are the leading cause of grassland bird deaths.