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Thursday, November 7,2013

EPA's abandoned Wyoming fracking study one retreat of many

By Abrahm Lustgarten
When the Environmental Protection Agency abruptly retreated on its multimillion-dollar investigation into water contamination in a central Wyoming natural gas field earlier this year, it shocked environmentalists and energy industry supporters alike.
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Thursday, September 12,2013

Unfair share

How oil and gas drillers avoid paying royalties

By Abrahm Lustgarten
Don Feusner ran dairy cattle on his 370-acre slice of northern Pennsylvania until he could no longer turn a profit by farming. Then, at age 60, he sold all but a few Angus and aimed for a comfortable retirement on money from drilling his land for natural gas instead.
Thursday, August 23,2012

New study: Fluids from Marcellus Shale likely seeping into Pennsylvania drinking water

By Abrahm Lustgarten
New research has concluded that salty, mineral-rich fluids deep beneath Pennsylvania’s natural gas fields are likely seeping upward thousands of feet into drinking water supplies.