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Thursday, December 20,2012

Songs of Solomon

CU filmmaker works in the medium of visual music

By David Accomazzo
For whatever reason, avant-garde art films have never gained the pop-culture cachet achieved by other realms of the art world.
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Thursday, December 13,2012

The black market meets the stock market

‘Killing Them Softly’ shorts a promising premise

By David Accomazzo
Killing Them Softly is an ambitious mashup of black market and stock market politics, wrapped in the guise of a straight-up crime movie. If that sounds like it’d be hard to pull off, it is.
Thursday, December 13,2012

At the altar of Divine Fits

Britt Daniel explains why he ditched security for excitement, at least for now

By David Accomazzo
What do you do when you finally make it? Most artists are perpetually scraping by and innovating just to get by, and when you finally break through that barrier and find yourself no longer a struggling artist but a successful one, where do you go from there?
Thursday, December 6,2012

Gifts for gamers

Find the perfect fit for the button-masher in your life

By David Accomazzo
If you are the type that still actually reads for fun, then you might need some help finding a video game for the gamer on your list. Here is a brief guide to help you out.
Thursday, December 6,2012

Art show goes B.L.A.M. in your face

Local art show brings together wide variety of mediums

By David Accomazzo
Art is often made in isolation, but the community around its maker can inspire and influence the final result. Sometimes, an art scene is more than the sum of its parts.
Thursday, November 29,2012

KBCO´s newest Studio C album a holiday surprise

Skeptics beware: 24th Studio C album a treat

By David Accomazzo
Every holiday season, KBCO releases its famed Studio C album. Since 1991, the radio station has released compilations of performances done by touring musicians who stop by the station’s studio and donated the proceeds to charity.
Friday, November 23,2012

Holiday bump

The holidays matter more to some businesses than others

By David Accomazzo
The long lines and packed parking lots and overplayed Christmas carols of the holiday season might be a pain for shoppers, but they’re music to the ears — and bottom lines — of retailers.
Wednesday, November 21,2012

Rah Rah's new album deserves cheers

Canadian indie rockers look to extend success into the States

By David Accomazzo
I don’t know much about Saskatchewan, but judging from its general flatness and its central location, I imagine it must be Canada’s super-polite version of the Kansas- Nebraska area, just with a different accent and more snow.
Thursday, November 15,2012

Out with a flash for Boulder Outlook

Hotel, music venue wins prestigious blues award, will close in 2014

By David Accomazzo
The Boulder Outlook Hotel has won the Blues Foundation’s 2013 Keeping the Blues Alive award for a club — the only recipient in a nationwide contest. It’s bittersweet news, since by 2014, the hotel will most likely be demolished and converted into student housing.
Tuesday, November 6,2012

Barack is back: Obama wins another term

Colorado goes to Obama, pot

By David Accomazzo
With projected victories in Nevada, New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Ohio, President Barack Obama has defeated the Republican challengers. Incumbents won the national races throughout the state, leaving Colorado with three Democrats and four Republicans in the House of Representatives.