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Thursday, March 20,2014

Greyhounds, sex and rock ’n’ roll

By David Accomazzo
What do you do when a self-admitted crackhead wants to show you how to deepthroat? Or wants you to touch her ass? You either make a scene and make everyone else uncomfortable, or you roll with it. You’re on a Greyhound.
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Thursday, March 13,2014

Fabulous fernet

Mysterious spirit appearing on menus in Boulder

By David Accomazzo
Depending on who you ask, Fernet is a miracle hangover cure, a delicious digestive aid or a secret handshake for those in an exclusive club.
Thursday, March 6,2014

Science fiction for the masses

Local bestselling author talks about genre’s sneaky mainstream presence

By David Accomazzo
“[Having worked] in [a] bookstore, I’ve known about this for a long time. There are some books that, once they become acceptable enough to the mainstream, they are no longer shelved in the science fiction, they’re shelved in the literature section, like [George] Orwell’s 1984,.
Thursday, February 20,2014

Homegrown comedy

T.J. Miller returns to Colorado for hometown shows

By David Accomazzo
Miller brings his stand-up show to the Fox Theatre on Wednesday, Feb. 26, and the Gothic Theatre in Englewood on Thursday, Feb. 27. Expect pot jokes (who can blame him) and lots of improvisation — no two shows are ever the same, he says.
Thursday, February 13,2014

BIFF: Drop acid, play baseball, make history

Documentary explores the fascinating man behind baseball’s lysergic no-hitter

By David Accomazzo
In 1970, Dock Ellis, a pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates, threw a no-hitter. Years later, he would claim that during the game, he was tripping on LSD.
Thursday, February 13,2014

BIFF: I Am Divine

Documentary examines life of a drag queen

By David Accomazzo
The filmmaker John Waters and his muse, the larger-than-life drag queen Divine, are responsible for some of the most bizarre and shocking films of the ’70s. This is Divine´s story.
Thursday, February 13,2014

The tin shine of BIFF

Film festival celebrates 10th anniversary with a killer lineup of movies, music and more

By David Accomazzo
The 10th festival, taking place Thursday, Feb. 13 through Sunday, Feb. 16, includes almost 60 films, 12 musical acts, dozens of directors and other special guests, six films nominated for Academy Awards, and four films coming directly to BIFF from Sundance.
Tuesday, February 4,2014

Is the popularity of 'Flappy Bird' a sign of the cultural apocalypse?

By David Accomazzo
Are the horrible-yet-addictive mechanics of the mobile game Flappy Bird really symptomatic of a culture addicted to the lowest common denominator?
Thursday, January 30,2014

An entertaining 20 years: Looking back at Boulder’s music history

The sound in print

By David Accomazzo
Remember that time we interviewed Radiohead?
Thursday, January 23,2014

A fairy tale for Boulder County

Play about famous physicists gets Spanish-language treatment

By David Accomazzo
Len Barron has gone into more than 200 schools doing a one-man show about Einstein. Now, his play has been translated to Spanish.