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Friday, March 28,2014

The magic five

By James Dziezynski
I’ll be the first to admit it’s easy to let a few pounds sneak on over the winter. The opportunity to feast without (immediate) remorse around the holidays doesn’t help. It’s not until we try that first real hike or bike ride of the spring that it becomes obvious we’re a little off our game.
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Friday, March 28,2014

Peak fitness

By James Dziezynski
If you haven’t been to high altitudes in a while, you will likely feel the effects of the thin air. Serious health issues, including High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE) and High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE) can occur as low as 6,000 feet, but for the majority of Colorado residents, should not be an issue. However, Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is an issue, which is why you should take steps to prepare for high altitude hikes.
Thursday, March 13,2014

Stay vigilant

Avalanche safety remains a backcountry priority come spring

By James Dziezynski
This has been a winter of bi-polar conditions in Colorado’s mountains. Strong storms have alternated with warm, wet days to create some of the most unpredictable snow conditions in 20 years. As we turn the corner to spring, it’s important not to let your guard down when traveling in the backcountry.
Thursday, January 23,2014

On the trail to recovery

Most of Boulder’s trails re-opened after floods, some still being rebuilt

By James Dziezynski
A handful of the hardest-hit sections remain closed as OSMP staff works on plans to revive the damaged trails. The popular Royal Arch Trail was fundamentally destroyed, though the famous natural stone arch at its southern terminus was undamaged.
Thursday, December 19,2013

Boulder author recounts how hiking the Pacific Crest Trail changed her life

Gail Storey on the next steps after the PCT

By James Dziezynski
We hiked 20 miles a day up and down the steep mountains of California, Oregon and Washington; nearly died of thirst in the Mojave; kicked steps up icy slopes in the High Sierra; tried not to drown fording rapids; encountered a mountain lion and stumbled through lava fields and boulders as well as the landscape of our ever-shifting feelings.
Thursday, November 21,2013

A new view of coming home

A trip to Greenland was only the start of a life-changing summer for Lyons' Lizzy Scully

By James Dziezynski
Greenland rock is some of the oldest on planet Earth, estimated at 3.8 billion years old. It is solid, beautifully sculpted and virtually untouched. For Lizzy Scully, the opportunity to climb in this remote and primitive place represented the culmination of 20 years of technical rock climbing.
Thursday, September 5,2013

Denver resident continues search for her father, who went missing in Panama

By James Dziezynski
The texture of Panama is changing once again, and as it shifts, an increasing number of reports of foreigners missing or murdered have been coming from the country. And in June, Bob Ehlert stopped returning calls and emails.
Thursday, June 13,2013

Venturing out of the box

On quitting a 9-to-5 job and walking away from cubicle life

By James Dziezynski
The only thing standing between the complete merger of myself and corporate bliss was a persistent internal hourglass. You know the one. It measures and evaluates the roles we assume in life.
Thursday, February 28,2013

A frigid wolf chase

Tracking wolves by dogsled in Saskatchewan

By James Dziezynski
Looking at a map of Saskatchewan, one can’t help but notice the glaring lack of human infrastructure in the northern reaches of the province. Civilization fades out on the map just north of the city of Prince Albert, the last significant outpost before the Canadian prairie blends with the sub-Arctic boreal forest.
Tuesday, November 27,2012

From Elbert to Everest

Colorado mountaineer Jon Kedrowski talks Sleeping on the Summits

By James Dziezynski
The New Year’s resolution on Jon Kedrowski’s calendar probably read something like this: Do everything!