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Thursday, June 4,2015

souls remembered and forgotton

In which Steven Wilson constructs a life inspired by someone known to many, cherished by a few and forgotten by everyone

By Dave Kirby
An inquest concluded that the remains were those of Joyce Carol Vincent, a London resident of Caribbean descent, not yet 40 years old at the time of her death. Her demise was never conclusively determined, but she had been dead, according to the best approximation that forensic science could ascertain, for about 25 months.
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Thursday, June 4,2015

Petitioning the Overseers

The hows and whys of river trips down the San Juan

By Dave Kirby
For most river runners in the West, the middle of February is the real start of the whitewater season, a kind of college acceptance-letter week. While all of the great multi-day river trips through the canyons of the Colorado Plateau are regulated by the fickle swoons of weather and snowpack from year to year, most of them are also governed by the U.
Thursday, May 28,2015

Weird karma

Portugal.The.Man’s founding bassist Zach Carothers on life in the band

By Dave Kirby
“I’ve been driving around trying to find the parking lot for this rehearsal space,” he says with a laugh. “It’s down this weird alley in North Hollywood. It’s crazy. And I realized I was supposed to call you, so I just told our keyboard player to figure it out.
Thursday, May 7,2015

Drunken Hearts’ designated driver

Andrew McConathy talks loss, the Center of the Universe and new music

By Dave Kirby
YarmonyGrass turns 10 years old this summer, almost old enough to wander off on the grounds of Rancho Del Rio without direct supervision, and founder Andrew McConathy just published the lineup for the annual high country stringpalooza August 13-16 with headliners The Traveling McCoury’s with Bill Nershi, Rebel Alliance Jam and Head for the Hills atop a lengthy marquee. One of Colorado’s most essential and quirkiest ’grass fests, the event will be stationed at The Center of the Universe… but more on that later.
Thursday, April 9,2015

Channeling Fela

Motet founder Dave Watts talks Afrobeat

By Dave Kirby
Watts is long associated with these one-off (sometimes two or three-off — this is the third time he’s staged this gig) extravaganzas at home, sometimes with Motet, sometimes with fragments of Motet and other cats, but Felabration may be his crowning...
Thursday, February 26,2015

Getting old, then new again

How theNEWDEAL got its jam back

By Dave Kirby
Jamie Shields, keyboardist and founder of theNEWDEAL, was enjoying a break from the brain-lock cold last week. Well, what passes for a break from it in Toronto, anyway. “Yeah, it’s only 10 below today,” he said with a laugh. Well, all right then, time for a vacation. So what passes for a vacation for Shields is taking his jamtronica trio out again for a swing through Colorado (where it isn’t much warmer these days), Texas and the East Coast for morsel-sized bits of road work. Born in the early days of jamtronica, the- NEWDEAL had been one of the genre’s more spontaneous, less mannered outfits, deeply invested in euphoric galactic anthems, layers of Shields’ synth colliding and sparkling across a furious rhythm section.
Thursday, February 26,2015

Hello, GoodBye

Bidding Farewell to a long-time friend Bill Vielehr —a Rembrance

By Dave Kirby
The BIFF Chairman and longtime Boulder metal sculptor left this planet unexpectedly last October — a shock to the system for his staggeringly wide circle of friends, including this writer — but Kathy Beeck, BIFF co-founder and a friend of Vielehr’s...
Thursday, February 19,2015

Winning musicianship

Wood Brothers may not have a shelf of Grammys, but they’ve got a different take on success

By Dave Kirby
To be completely candid, we missed most of the Grammy Awards a couple of weeks ago, except for the segment where the ever camera-shy Madonna seemed to be commanding a legion of worshipping satyrs, a spectacle made only more surreal with the sound off at our local gym before expressionless, lycraclad Boulderites pumping away on their ellipticals.
Thursday, February 5,2015

moe. blows out a few candles

The band gives their moe.down festival a rest — for now

By Dave Kirby
moe.down did carry an early repute as one of the essential stops on the groove scene circuit, reinforcing the notion that moe. was one of the primary stanchions in the last two decades’ jam band movement. That vestigial tag continues to follow the band around, at least in some of the press and promoter blather around them, and it’s probably misplaced.
Thursday, January 29,2015

Eminence Ensemble works hard for the music

Band does DIY tour-booking and festival creation

By Dave Kirby
We had made the mistaken assumption that our inability to get Eminence Ensemble drummer Tanner Bardin by phone last Tuesday, bouncing off a full-and-not-accepting voicemail box, was a ski-hooky thing.