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Thursday, December 1,2011

Those barbaric Yawpers

Defying the odds, Boulder country-rock group is riding hard

By Dale Bridges
Nate Cook, frontman of Boulder band Yawpers, spun his wheels for years as a member of local rock band Ego vs. Id, but the band never gained traction. Now, less than a year after their first show, Cook and company are sounding their barbaric yawp all over Boulder/Denver. What gives?
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Thursday, November 12,2009

Local writer Ben Corbett discusses Hunter S. Thompson's legacy

By Dale Bridges
It has been more than four years since the literary powder keg known as Hunter S. Thompson exploded off this mortal coil with a defiant shotgun blast. He was a figure of great controversy who served as America’s national conscience during one of the most tumultuous periods in our country’s history, and he left behind an enormous collection of written material that will be studied and debated for generations to come.