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Wednesday, November 25,2015

Where did Thanksgiving come from?

By Jim Hightower
Only half of the Mayflower Pilgrims who’d arrived at Plymouth Rock the previous December survived their first year in the New World (new, of course, only to those undocumented immigrants from England, not to the local citizens). Still, to celebrate and offer thanks for their survival, the newcomers planned a communal meal following the fall harvest.
Thursday, November 19,2015

How hedge fund billionaires literally ‘check’ the people’s will

By Jim Hightower
“It” is the idea of finally ending a ridiculous tax loophole that was written by and for the richest, most pampered elites on Wall Street.
Thursday, November 12,2015

Ultra-big houses for ultra-big egos

By Jim Hightower
These are not like the tacky brass trophy you won in a bowling tournament. No, no — global ultrabillionaires compete ferociously with each other in X-treme Wealth Games to have the most dazzlingly-gorgeous trophy wife, the most humongous and elaborate trophy yacht on the seven seas, etc.
Thursday, October 29,2015

Presidential candidates talk inequality (sort of)

By Jim Hightower
Congress had previously paid no attention to the ever-widening chasm between the rich and the rest of us, but it has recently emerged as a central issue for such Republican presidential contenders as Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio. They are publicly lamenting the wealth gap and, by gollies, proposing solutions.
Thursday, October 22,2015

Big political donors buying elections... and public policies

By Jim Hightower
He heads an obscure, corporate-funded group pushing to wipe out the few remaining limits on the special interests that put extremely big bucks into political campaigns.
Thursday, October 15,2015

Battling the forces of inequality

By Jim Hightower
We see Wall Street and Washington doing this to us, but the widening and deepening chasm of inequality in America is also the product of decisions that local elites are making every day. Take Grand Rapids, Michigan, a city largely run by a few billionaire families sharing an entrenched laissez-faire ideology.
Thursday, October 8,2015

Moneyed elites get richer the old-fashioned way: Stealing

By Jim Hightower
Now, which group do you think pays the lowest rate of income tax? Right... the uber-rich Wall Streeters! Incredibly, Congress — in its inscrutable wisdom — gives preferential tax treatment to the narcissistic money manipulators who do practically nothing for the common good.
Thursday, October 1,2015

Why you should know who Carly Fiorina really is

By Jim Hightower
In 1992, Ross Perot chose a complete unknown to be his presidential running mate. In his first debate, the VP candidate began by asking a question: “Who am I? Why am I here?” The same should be asked about Carly Fiorina, the Republican presidential contender who has surged in recent polls of GOP primary voters.
Thursday, September 24,2015

Driving America’s yellow school bus to educational hell

By Jim Hightower
Beset by budget cuts, too many school systems are accommodating the slashers by shifting the cost of educating America’s future from the general society to the parents of students who’re presently enrolled. Want to play a sport, take a class trip to a museum or participate in a debate tournament? Pay a fee.
Thursday, September 17,2015

It’s time to free students from higher-ed debt

By Jim Hightower
In the 1960s, I attended the University of North Texas, a public school blessed with good teachers and an educational culture focused on enabling us students to become socially useful citizens.