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Thursday, February 20,2014

Droning on

‘Robocop’ is repetitive

By Ryan Syrek
For one moment, the completely unnecessary remake of Robocop suggested the possibility of non-suckage when a host of cable news propaganda, frothily and non-ironically suggests using the same drone-based military action we use abroad to curb violence at home. Suddenly, this Robocop appeared to have a purpose.
Thursday, February 13,2014

Liveaction Oscar shorts a big deal

Showing as part of the International Film Series

By Ryan Syrek
This group is easily the collective best in the last decade, with three films that would have been stand-out front runners any other year. That sucks for them, but it’s great news for audiences treated to tight filmmaking at its finest.
Thursday, February 13,2014

Oscar-nominated shorts

The International Film Series will be screening the Oscar-nominated documentary shorts this weekend. The showcase is a rare chance to see the films locally prior to the Academy Awards ceremony.
Thursday, February 13,2014

BIFF: Just give him a camera

How ‘Mistaken For Strangers’ transformed Tom Berninger from a basement dweller into a documentary filmmaker

By Nadia Mishkin
With a small camera hanging from a lanyard around his neck, Tom Berninger tagged along on tour with his brotherīs band, The National, planning to make a rock documentary. The result is Mistaken for Strangers, named after the group’s 2007 single. Michael Moore calls it “one of the best music documentaries I have ever seen.”
Thursday, February 13,2014

BIFF: God Loves Uganda

Documentary explores roots of Ugandan backlash against homosexuality

By Jefferson Dodge
The documentary outlines evangelical outreach efforts by the Kansas City-based International House of Prayer that are quickly exposed for their true ulterior motive: to stamp out homosexuality in this African country.
Thursday, February 13,2014

BIFF: Alive Inside

By Jefferson Dodge
This moving documentary focuses on individuals in nursing homes who have Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, and confirms what many of us already knew: The healing, soothing power of music has been underestimated.
Thursday, February 13,2014

BIFF: The Rocket

Award-winning Australian feature to play at BIFF

By Josh Gross
The Rocket is beautifully filmed, depicting an almost mythical landscape full of sunken Buddhas, dams the size of fortresses and half-buried unexploded munitions that can level a village around every corner, all of it woven into lush forests and mountains full of ritual and history.
Thursday, February 13,2014

BIFF: The Human Experiment

By Joel Dyer
With more than 80,000 different chemicals currently in use in the United States, even newborn babies who has never eaten food or taken a breath can come out of the womb with more than 20 chemicals already in their blood. The Human Experiment examines how our constant exposure to things like plastics and flame-retardants in furniture may be impacting our health.
Thursday, February 13,2014

BIFF: Heads and horsetails

Documentary reveals the dark side of Penny Chenery, Secretariat’s owner

By Danielle Meltz
The documentary, directed by her son, John Tweedy, tells the true story of one of the most influential women in horse racing, Penny Chenery, owner of Secretariat, the fastest horse of all time.
Thursday, February 13,2014

BIFF: Drop acid, play baseball, make history

Documentary explores the fascinating man behind baseball’s lysergic no-hitter

By David Accomazzo
In 1970, Dock Ellis, a pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates, threw a no-hitter. Years later, he would claim that during the game, he was tripping on LSD.