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Monday, December 1,2014


The 1,450-mile Colorado River passes through seven U.S. states and two Mexican states. It is vital for generating energy, agricultural production and the lives of over 30 million people. But growing demands on the river are putting the southwestern region of North America Redford Center and Content Films at risk.
Thursday, November 20,2014

What we talk about when we talk about ‘Birdman’

By Ryan Syrek
Michael Keaton plays Riggan Thomson, the washed-up former star of “Birdman,” a blatant Batman analog. After years spent squandering his celebrity, Riggan is a fame junkie trying to get his fix of public adoration and respect.
Thursday, November 13,2014

Awful, not full of awe

‘Interstellar’ is stunning…ly bad

By Ryan Syrek
Cooper follows said coordinates and discovers a secret NASA facility that intends to shoot a spaceship into a wormhole to find a planet that can sustain humanity. The leader, Professor Brand (Michael Caine), asks Cooper to pilot the ship, accompanied by three other astronauts, including Amelia Brand (Anne Hathaway), the professor’s daughter.
Thursday, November 13,2014

The more things change...

‘Do the Right Thing’ 25 years later

By Michael J. Casey
This past summer’s headlines out of Ferguson, Missouri, and the death of Eric Garner in New York, make it clear that the events the film depicts on a hot summer day in Brooklyn in 1989 remain a sad, cruel reality for many black men in 2014.
Thursday, November 13,2014

Step into the story

The 37th Starz Denver Film Festival 

By Michael J. Casey
Running from Nov. 12-23, the Starz Denver Film Festival (SDFF) is 12 cinematic days in the heart of Denver. Started 37 years ago by Ron Henderson and a few fellow cinephiles, SDFF continues to grow and provide Coloradans with a unique moviegoing experience.
Thursday, November 6,2014

Laugh is a battlefield

Injured veterans use standup comedy to heal in ‘Comedy Warriors’

By Josh Gross
The film’s director, John Wager, had been doing film work with the Wounded Warrior Project. Most of it was focused on adaptive sports for injured vets.
Thursday, October 30,2014

Yes, they mean you

‘Dear White People’ is a must-see for us all

By Ryan Syrek
Thrill-seekers live for the rush that comes from defying death; adrenaline is the body’s chemical “thank you” for keeping it alive. Somehow, that’s the sensation I got watching Dear White People, writer/ director Justin Simien’s declaration that he didn’t come to half-ass it. Audacious, overly ambitious, challenging and understandably flawed, Dear White People may be the most important conversation about race you’ve never seen, heard or had.
Thursday, October 23,2014

‘Fury’ is missing fast

War is hella slow

By Ryan Syrek
The film’s opening text sets hopes impossibly high for self-awareness, describing the timing near the end of  World War II and the superiority of the German tanks.
Thursday, October 16,2014

Fight the power

Panahi defies Iran once more with ‘Closed Curtain’

By Michael J. Casey
In 2010, after arrests for civil disobedience, Panahi was sentenced to six years of house arrest and a 20-year ban on filmmaking. Iranian director Jafar Panahi, never one to play by the rules, continued practicing his craft, even though his movies would never play in his native land, and could land him a much stricter punishment if he were caught.
Thursday, October 9,2014

Everyone is awful

‘Gone Girl’ does not recommend marriage

By Ryan Syrek
Nick’s only allies are his twin sister, Margo (Carrie Coon), and high-profile defense lawyer Tanner Bolt (Tyler Perry).