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Thursday, January 23,2014

Make a mess at Ras Kassa’s

Ethiopian finger food

By Blair Madole
Their motto is “Eat like you’ve never heard of silverware,” and they aren’t kidding. Everything from farmer’s cheese to lentil stew is served with spongy Ethiopian bread called injera to be used for scooping, and nothing else.
Thursday, January 16,2014

Tiffins, tiffins, tiffins a to-go bag

Indian street food on a budget

By Grace Boyle
When Tiffin’s opened two years ago, its focus was solely on vegetarian food common in southern India. This year, they’ve expanded their menu by also offering meat and, notably, some new northern Indian dishes.
Thursday, January 9,2014

Doing happy hour in style at Jill’s in the St Julien

Good prices, classy eats, space to nap afterwards

By Christine Vazquez
Hotels are not on the average diner’s radar. But Jill’s at the St Julien in Boulder ought to be. A boutique hotel in the style Colorado does best — casually elegant — the restaurant carries this same kind of elegance, and makes it even more pleasing with the value and wide range of offerings at one of the best happy.
Thursday, January 2,2014

SALT’s chocolate tart: a recipe for forgiveness

Delish desserts make up for spotty service

By Cayte Bosler
Over my three visits to SALT, the service has been somewhat erratic. But what SALT lacks in consistent courtesy they make up for with desserts that will make you forget your woes, much less any minor offense received at the door.
Thursday, December 26,2013

Bru is unoccupied and unexpected

Great food, no wait

By Blair Madole
The menu reads like a contemporary, Southern-inspired restaurant that happens to have a handcrafted ale business on the side.
Thursday, December 19,2013

Cheese Importers warehouse expands to offer more than cheese

Cuisine review

By Christine Vazquez
Themed shops and restaurants — whether French, Mexican, Southwestern or others — can either go very right, as in tasteful, or very wrong, as in tacky. Bistrot des Artistes has been done tastefully.
Thursday, December 12,2013

Yellowbelly is for Boulder´s culinary chickens

By Josh Gross
The breast meat contained within Yellowbelly´s fried white strips comes from chickens as free-range, vegetarian and local as a CU sociology major. Fried white indeed.
Thursday, December 5,2013

Pizzeria da Lupo serves up little bites of excellence

By Grace Boyle
When Julia Child anoints you as one of her Great Regional Chefs and James Beard names you one of the five best chefs in the Southwest, it’s safe to say you’re nearing the culinary apex.
Wednesday, November 27,2013

Brunch without the wait

By Blair Madole
Aji is blessedly free of a line around 10:30 a.m. on a Saturday, likely because Latin restaurants aren’t commonly thought of for brunch opportunities, especially when surrounded by more breakfast-centric bistros and diners.
Thursday, November 21,2013

At your service

Effortless service a highlight at Sugarbeet

By Christine Vazquez
The food is important, but no matter how great it is, the environment is equally vital to the experience. Happily, they’ve gotten all of it right at Sugarbeet in Longmont.