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Thursday, March 12,2015

Better than ever

A long overdue return to Georgia boys BBQ — even if it hasn’t been that long

By Matt Cortina
We first covered Georgia boys BBQ when they opened in Longmont back in 2011. In two stories over two weeks, Boulder Weekly profiled the two unemployed friends who had recently moved in from Georgia, Matt Alexander and Nick Reckinger, and built a side project of slinging smoked meat in paper bags into one of the most popular barbecue joints in the state seemingly overnight. So I wasn’t going to Georgia boys to highlight the hidden gem. I was going because I got tired of hearing how good it was and, well, seeing is believing.
Thursday, March 5,2015

Going off campus

Finding fresh food in an unlikely setting

By Matt Cortina
The location seems a bit out there, but Off Campus Cafe was there when we needed it. It was breakfast time on a recent Saturday morning. In Boulder, Lucky’s Café was four parties deep on the clipboard; Walnut Café was so flooded we got back in the car as soon as we got out; and the Village Coffee Shop had a line so long we just scoffed and drove right past it.
Thursday, February 26,2015

Everyone is happy

It must be something in the chicken

By Matt Cortina
Everyone is happy at The Post. On a Friday afternoon, three cooks are laughing behind the bakery counter. When I return a week later, three new cooks — or who knows — are laughing again. The waiters, too, are all happy. Not the giddy, storemandated affability that drives you nuts. Just the calm joy of a person who’s happy to be at work. Happiness inhabits the place, an old VFW that was chicly remodeled and restored into a post-industrial lodge. It keeps smiles on the faces of the folks who have to wait tables and the folks who have to wait for tables.
Thursday, February 19,2015

Looking good

Pr Wine House has created a fashionable menu and atmosphere

By Matt Cortina
It was the store that launched a thousand fashion blogs. Seemed that way, at least. Anthropologie. A women’s clothing store that taps into the area between fashion school and art school, selling unique clothing and lifestyle doo-dads.
Thursday, February 12,2015

The re-creation of fun

House of Q delivers something; just not sure what

By Matt Cortina
The coleslaw was good. No, the coleslaw was great. The cabbage was crispy and fresh, lathered in sweet, creamy dressing that tasted like watermelon. They’d added some juice or vinegar into the coleslaw, and it was refreshing in the unseasonable warmth we’ve been getting.
Thursday, February 5,2015

Les bon temps

The food and vibe of Lucile’s in Boulder

By Matt Cortina
great Boulder restaurants. It strikes a chord in the community. When we talk about the Boulder location, we talk about the Victorian home just off Pearl Street in which diners cram in to every corner every morning. We talk about the worn fabric rags the silverware comes in, the chicory coffee and the Creole art on the walls.
Thursday, January 29,2015

A fresh memory

Exciting flavor, old cuisine at Volta

By Matt Cortina
The best food transports you. Where Volta transports you is to a long, green lawn on the side of a lake for a reunion of friends and family on a late spring day. You can smell it — in the drink and in the food, and in that place in your mind where the senses create memories, there are herbs and wine and warm air.
Thursday, January 22,2015

The food is the thing

China Gourmet elevates the old and introduces the new

By Matt Cortina
In the clown car kitchen of China Gourmet in Boulder, a dozen cooks are calmly doing two dozen things. Composed but busy, the kitchen is preparing Chinese-American standards like cashew chicken, mu shu pork and Szechwan beef alongside “Shanghai specials” like cold salty duck, kung pao squid, salt-andpepper soft shell crab and “Ants Climbing a Tree.
Thursday, January 15,2015

Temperature matters

Fish and chips joint comes to Lafayette

By Matt Cortina
The best fish and chips I ever had were at some wharf-side shack on Granville Island in Vancouver. Hands numb and cramped under a space heater, wet from it being Vancouver in November, and tired from a long, lost walk… temperature mattered. A crispy, thick shell held in steaming halibut, and all was in balance.
Thursday, January 8,2015

The unique taste of Peru

Rosario’s brings tradition to Boulder County

By Matt Cortina
On the table are communal plates of traditional Peruvian cuisine: lomo saltado, pollo a la parilla, chupe de camarones and tarralin verde. The table was colorful and vibrant with food, prepared from recipes brought to Longmont direct from a Peruvian cooking school, where Rosario’s mother is a teacher of Peruvian cuisine.