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Thursday, August 28,2014

Wokking the wok

Wok Eat and the joys of anti-mall-foodcourt cooking

By Josh Gross
It’s kind of an uphill battle for Wok Eat. It’s located across the street from a similar restaurant (the slightly cheaper Boulder favorite Zoe Ma Ma), and has a touch of the sterile look of a generic chain, despite it being the eatery’s only location..
Thursday, August 21,2014

Fettuccine a la ESPN

The curious case of Carelli’s confusing plasma screens

By Josh Gross
It was a line of thought that was hard to ignore at Carelli’s, a generally pleasant sit-down on the corner of 30th and Baseline in Boulder, where the ambiance included a jazz band playing in the corner, soft lights rotating colors above the bar and a faceful of the Little League World Series making error after error after error.
Thursday, August 14,2014

Following the recipe

Vina Pho & Grill is certainly Vietnamese food

By Josh Gross
The menu is as standard as the exterior architecture: pho and noodle bowls served with lime chili fish sauce (nuac cham). Par for the course, there are a wide variety of phos to choose from, the biggest differences between them being the cuts of meat.
Thursday, August 7,2014

Moving on up

La Choza takes it inside

By Josh Gross
La Choza took up its new brick and mortar digs in one of the vacant slots in the shopping center its parking lot served on Aug. 2, and if the line out the door and the 45-minute wait for a quartet of tacos de pastor was any clue, it’s a move Boulder is, ahem, “hungry for.”
Thursday, July 31,2014

Moby taco

Searching for tortilla-shod greatness at CyclHOPS Bike CANtina

By Josh Gross
While CyclHOPS vending tacos and bikes from one shop fronted with bike tools to aid commuters is an idea that deserves some sort of Nobel Prize, it also seemed slightly ironic that the location was on the sort of semi-rural drag strip of a street cyclists tend to avoid for fear of losing one of their three dimensions.
Thursday, July 24,2014

Best of the rest

Blooming Beets makes Paleo about what you can eat instead of what you can’t 

By Josh Gross
Blooming Beets is lifestyle eating if anything, no different in principle than the hip pizza joint or the restaurant that serves the same chow for twice the price as the corner diner just by adding a white table cloth.
Thursday, July 17,2014

Boiling point

Afternoon tea at The Huckleberry is a nice way to simmer down

By Josh Gross
Just one thing I want to know: how come I have to be Mr. Pink?” my co-worker Caitlin Rockett asked on our way to The Huckleberry in old town Louisville. But we weren’t headed there to pull a Reservoir Dogs; we were going to have a tea party.
Thursday, July 10,2014

Snap judgment

Casa Alvarez is more than the sum of its generic decor

By Josh Gross
At first glance, Casa Alvarez might as well be decorated exclusively in red flags. It occupies the back corner location of a 30th Street strip mall and has an interior that looks like every Mexican restaurant in every town, with light pastel coloring and tile, overly harsh lighting and awkward attempts to recreate a jungle atmosphere inside.
Thursday, July 3,2014

Peep this

Le Peep is where it’s at, so long as you accidently find it

By Josh Gross
It would be a lie to call Le Peep “Boulder’s best kept secret.” For one, the diner is a chain with dozens of locations, and it’s been in Boulder for 30 years or so. The chain has been around even longer. Then there’s the fact that it’s got a reasonable level of bustle in a central location.
Thursday, June 26,2014


The Bitter Bar ditches its menu for finger food

By Josh Gross
Though downtown Boulder has its share of classy joints, when discerning Boulderites are looking for somewhere to wear their dress North Face jacket, or that little black dress that perfectly matches their nice Chacos, they head downtown to The Bitter Bar — this year’s Best of Boulder winner for “Best Bar” — and soak up the swank.