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Thursday, May 14,2015

Tracking down perfection

Wayne’s Smoke Shack is bold, confident barbecue

By Matt Cortina
You have to appreciate the moxie of a restaurant that is open until it sells out. Especially when you set up shop at the end of an empty parking lot, triangulated by Buffalo Wild Wings, PetSmart and Super Target, in the perpetually under construction, unglamorous superdevelopment of Superior.
Thursday, May 7,2015

Taste in colors

Busaba in Louisville is vibrant Thai

By Matt Cortina
Each new plate arrived to the table as a twist of a kaleidoscope. When we drained the color from one, another arrived, swirling colors into a different combination and pattern. We remembered the food by its color, not by each dish, when we left Busaba in Louisville.
Thursday, April 30,2015

Summer hang

Wapos should be packed as weather gets warmer

By Matt Cortina
I like Wapos. They serve excellent, sloppy-style Mexican food. They have an outdoor covered patio where a quick afternoon drink can quickly become a full-blown night out when the temperature plays nice. They have a dozen types of margaritas and a bunch of Mexican beers.
Thursday, April 23,2015

Hiding in plain sight

Boulder Chophouse fills a surprising void

By Matt Cortina
Whether you like it or not, there is a perception outside of Colorado that steakhouses abound in this state. The assumption is that cattle farms abound out here, and that meat from top Angus and Kobe beef farms throughout the West is shipped to a bevy of hungry consumers at any number of steakhouses along the Front Range.
Thursday, April 16,2015

Crazy flavor

Sweet Cow Ice Cream brings unique, robust treats to Boulder

By Matt Cortina
There is no shame in the occasional indulgence. As long as your actions don’t hurt anybody and you don’t cross the invisible line of no return, joy becomes you during the indulgence of booze, pizza, burritos, fried food and ice cream. Especially ice cream. And especially the ice cream at Sweet Cow.
Thursday, April 9,2015

That’ll work

Good bar grub, better with beer, at Pumphouse

By Matt Cortina
This food was made for beer. So it’s a good thing the beer at Pumphouse Brewery in Longmont is both tasty and plentiful. Otherwise who knows if this bustling restaurant, with an attached bar called Red Zone, would be so bustling. That is to say, most diners in touch with reality and their own pretention, give a pass to fast casual bar and grills on the quality of the meals that accompany the beer, so long as the food is fresh and filling.
Thursday, April 2,2015

Master of one

Breadworks is a fine producer of… bread

By Matt Cortina
One business is the phenomenal bakery. Every morning, fresh dough is raised in the oven in a large industrial baker’s kitchen. The loaves — batard, olive and sage, focaccia, ciabatta — are arranged on a glass-covered shelf near the entryway. To the right are piles of croissants, popovers, muffins and more.
Thursday, March 26,2015

Stopping in, stepping out

Caspian Deli & Grocery is great casual food with a story

By Matt Cortina
You’ll have to be OK with picnic casual: good food made simply by friendly people. If you like that, you’ll like Caspian Deli & Grocery — an unassuming Middle Eastern market on Pearl and 26th Street that does nothing but charm as soon as you walk in the door.
Thursday, March 19,2015

Double vision

Clever combinations and exceeded expectations at Bao Asian Fusion

By Matt Cortina
Unsurprisingly, the Asian fusion restaurant was all about combinations. But not in the way one might expect. Indeed, expectations for Bao Asian Fusion in Louisville were sort of blurry. The building is a big beige block on a busy intersection, flanked by a closed-down Chili’s and an Outback Steakhouse, that you have to drive through a McDonald’s parking lot to get to.
Thursday, March 12,2015

Better than ever

A long overdue return to Georgia boys BBQ — even if it hasn’t been that long

By Matt Cortina
We first covered Georgia boys BBQ when they opened in Longmont back in 2011. In two stories over two weeks, Boulder Weekly profiled the two unemployed friends who had recently moved in from Georgia, Matt Alexander and Nick Reckinger, and built a side project of slinging smoked meat in paper bags into one of the most popular barbecue joints in the state seemingly overnight. So I wasn’t going to Georgia boys to highlight the hidden gem. I was going because I got tired of hearing how good it was and, well, seeing is believing.