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Thursday, September 19,2013

Savor El Salvador

Exotic cuisine is comforting at Pupusas Sabor Hispano

By Ruth Tobias
Comfort food’s a tricky concept. When it entered the popular lexicon a couple of decades ago, the term applied mainly to meat loaf, tuna casserole and other suburban midcentury staples; today, reflecting shifts in the American culinary landscape, it could as easily encompass Vietnamese pho, Canadian poutine and chicken tikka masala.
Thursday, September 12,2013

Home, sweet Zoe

By Blair Madole
Tucked among the big names and Americanized menus on West Pearl sits a rare find in downtown Boulder: authenticity.
Thursday, September 5,2013

Parting shot: My favorite restaurants

By Clay Fong
As I began writing this final piece for Boulder Weekly, I considered a number of potential opening sentences.
Thursday, August 29,2013

A platter by any other name…

By Clay Fong
Having never eaten a Pu Pu platter on a boat or with a goat I thought it was high time I sampled this classic Chinese-American appetizer assortment. You see, when I went to Chinese restaurants with my folks, things like braised chicken feet were far more likely to appear on the menu than this Americanized appetizer platter.
Thursday, August 22,2013

Would you like some wine with that burger?

By Clay Fong
A full bar, inviting deck and unique menu choices, including portobello, chicken and falafel sandwiches, as well as sausage skewers and caprese salads, differentiate this modernist venue from other burger joints. Besides beer and cocktails, espresso drinks and milkshakes are also on tap.
Thursday, August 15,2013

Empire's main dishes deliver

By Clay Fong
Over the past few years, downtown Louisville’s dining options have grown impressively, and the Empire Restaurant and Lounge is one of this burg’s top spots for fine dining in a relaxed setting. While this space can accommodate many diners, it feels smaller and more intimate than it is, enhanced by woods and an earthy color scheme.
Thursday, August 8,2013

A culinary effort to infuse with brews

By Clay Fong
Located near 30th Street, Twisted Pine features a menu of comforting tavern fare that pairs well with the brewery’s signature ales. Appetizers here include grilled cheese bites, spinach dip and nachos. There are also pizza rolls accompanied by sauces like homemade ranch and pesto, soups and chicken chili, salads, sandwiches and pizza.
Thursday, August 1,2013

Thai that won’t break the bank

By Clay Fong
Allowing for very few exceptions, one of the chief tenets of my culinary belief system is that Asian food should be reasonably priced.
Thursday, July 25,2013

A Niwot breakfast without pretense

By Clay Fong
Many hold the Niwot Market’s Friday evening summer dinners in high esteem. However, it’s also worth noting that this hospitable family-run grocery also dishes out reasonably priced breakfasts and lunches throughout the week.
Thursday, July 18,2013

Top-notch sushi in an unassuming spot

By Clay Fong
Given the sushi expertise present, I chose to ignore such offerings as the Saturday shoyu or miso broth ramen lunch special and various bento boxes. Instead I focused on sushi specials, and my opening gambit was a $12 white fish lovers’ special.