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Thursday, May 21,2015

One is the loneliest number

Midway through life’s journey with ‘L’intrepido’

By Michael J. Casey
He is a fast learner, which makes him a perfect fit for this kind of work, but a chance encounter with his ex-wife, Adriana (Sandra Ceccarelli) alludes to more than Antonio would like to admit. Some people find their identity in work, others find a way to escape it.
Thursday, May 14,2015

Happiness for you and me

Dear Elliott Smith: ‘Heaven Adores You’

By Michael J. Casey
The 1998 Academy Awards Ceremony felt a little bit like a private party James Cameron threw for his monumental Titanic, which sailed away with 11 statues that evening, but that was also the night 57 million Americans met one singer/ songwriter who left almost as quickly as he came. Per usual, segments from each of the five nominated songs were performed, and while Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” took home the prize, it was the man in the white suit with the unwashed hair singing a quiet little love-song (or was it a breakup song?) from Good Will Hunting that got the audience talking.
Thursday, May 14,2015


Sports have an uplifting nature that can unify communities after times of great loss; case in point Rising from the Ashes. The documentary tells the inspirational story of the first Rwandan National Cycling Team and their journey to the London Olympic Games.
Thursday, May 7,2015

The new reality

‘Welcome to Me’ and TV

By Michael J. Casey
When Alice Klieg (Kristen Wiig) was 11, she was diagnosed manic-depressive, put on medication and grew up like most teenagers do. Yet, the events that shaped Alice’s upbringing, although not abnormal, stuck deeper in her mind than most.
Thursday, April 30,2015

Meet the new boss

‘Dior and I’ goes behind the scenes of haute couture

By Michael J. Casey
Dior. The name itself invokes the very highest of French fashion. One of the original members of haute couture, Christian Dior opened his Parisian house in December of 1946 when he was just 41. By February 1947, Dior launched “The New Look,” as Harper’s Bazaar.
Thursday, April 23,2015

A force big enough to swallow us all

‘Leviathan’ and the plight of the little man

By Michael J. Casey
Located on a Russian peninsula, high in the Arctic Circle, the small seaside village of Leviathan used to be a fishing town, but those days are gone and only the skeletal remains of aquatic beasts reference the prosperous time that has passed.
Thursday, April 16,2015

Not just a voice, a resounding roar

‘I Believe in Unicorns’ and Leah Meyerhoff

By Michael J. Casey
Meyerhoff achieves these moments by visualizing her story in three different forms, the first involving the cinematography and direction of the actors, which was shot over the course of three weeks on Super 16mm.
Thursday, April 9,2015

Changing the face of cinema

The birth of neo-realism and ‘Rome Open City’

By Michael J. Casey
Did this fakery bother audiences back then? Not in the slightest. Back in the 1920s, ’30s and even into the ’40s, movies were about beautiful people living in fabulous mid-city apartments, dressing glamorously, saying the right thing at the right time and always finding a parking space.
Thursday, April 2,2015

Requiem for a studio musician

Paying tribute to The Wrecking Crew

By Michael J. Casey
To be fair, Nancy Sinatra made “These Boots” famous, The Mamas and The Papas sang “California Dreamin’” and The Beach Boys (well, Brian Wilson) gave us “Good Vibrations,” but The Wrecking Crew played an integral part in every one of those records.
Thursday, April 2,2015


This week the International Film Series is getting local with a screening of Losing the West. The documentary talks about the protection, or lack of thereof, for open space and agricultural lands. As the population and rate of development grow, ranchers and farmers struggle, which creates bigger problems for society.