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Thursday, January 22,2015

Photographing philosophy

By Michael J. Casey
Photographing philosophy.
Thursday, January 15,2015

When the good comes undone

The bleak fallout of ‘Little Accidents’

By Michael J. Casey
There is Owen ( Jacob Lofland), a high school student who lost his father in the cavein. Owen has taken on the responsibility of his brother with Down syndrome (Beau Wright) while his mother (Chloë Sevigny) tries to put food on the table.
Thursday, January 15,2015


Documentary Fight Church tells the story of the meeting of two unlikely worlds: Christianity and mixed martial arts. While, of course, it’s natural for pastors to have hobbies, cage fighting is a peculiar choice for those who preach to “love thy neighbor.
Thursday, January 8,2015

L'enfant du cinema

One night with Leos Carax

By Michael J. Casey
Wednesday, December 31,2014

Love in all the wrong places

‘Copenhagen’ just a diversion

By Michael J. Casey
William (Gethin Anthony) is 28, loud, abrasive and generally unpleasant to be around. He yells, swears, leers, drinks too much and thinks too little. He is your typical obnoxious American abroad, both to the fine people of Demark and to his two traveling companions.
Tuesday, December 30,2014

Children of the night

Iranian New Wave meets vampire stories in ‘A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night’

By Michael J. Casey
Instead, their bodies are pushed into a ravine in the middle of town, one that is starting crowded. It’s business as usual in Bad City. or not Arash (Arash Marandi) The or what she is capable of — doesn’t really matter. He is attracted to her. Attracted in that distant, cool, blue jean, James Dean, let’s-just-listen-to-the-music, kind of way.
Thursday, December 18,2014

Five unforgettable films from a master

‘Mike Nichols: Remembered’ rekindles work of a revolutionary

By Michael J. Casey
Nichols died earlier this year, on Nov. 19, 13 days after his 83rd birthday. Moviegoers reflected on the work the man made in his roughly 40-year career — not to mention his award-winning work on the stage and comedy routines with Elaine May.
Thursday, December 11,2014


ANTARCTICA: A YEAR ON ICE This feature-length film reveals what it is like to live and work at the bottom of the planet, in Antarctica, for a full year. The story is not from the point of view of scientists, but of the people who spend the most time there; the everyday workers who keep the stations running in the harshest place on the planet.
Thursday, December 11,2014

‘The world’s biggest student film’

CU brings ‘Bill, the Galactic Hero’ to the screen

By Michael J. Casey
French critic and filmmaker François Truffaut famously pointed out that it was impossible to make an anti-war movie because, “to show something is to ennoble it.” Cox and company subvert this dilemma by making combat sloppy and comical.
Thursday, December 11,2014


In 2006 when the International Astronomical Union created an official definition for planet, Pluto came up short. Pluto meets two of three conditions for an object to be considered a planet; First, it is an object in orbit around the Sun. Second, it has enough mass to be a sphere by its own gravitational force.