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Wednesday, November 25,2015

No tears

French onion soup is an in-season, underrated and homespun dish for the cold season

By Ari LeVaux
of tomatoes and corn. My friend George, a renaissance man Onions are the stepsisters of and veteran of many batches of French the kitchen, perennially improving meals and sending their glamorous siblings to the table with the support of deep, rich flavors.
Thursday, November 19,2015


Defining American Indian cuisine and addressing its complex history

By Matt Cortina
But that dissociation might end soon. Ben Jacobs is co-owner of Tocabe, a restaurant in Denver that is one of the only commercial establishments to serve American Indian food in the country. Jacobs is a member of the Osage Nation, a tribe with roots in Oklahama, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas.
Thursday, November 12,2015

A dream harvested

An urban farm in North Boulder produces immediately for its passionate owners

By Matt Cortina
Pepe and Veronica Diaz’s dream realized is a quarter-acre plot of land that sits at one of the busiest intersections in Boulder. Here, they grow vegetables and raise chickens. This was their first year operating the Diaz Farm at Jay Road and 28th Street, and the harvest was stellar in quality and production.
Thursday, November 5,2015

Board silly

The charcuterie board is at once an expression of taste and exercise in fun

By Matt Cortina
There is not much better in the culinary world than a well-assembled charcuterie board. It is as ideal for entertaining as it is for sampling local fare in a new city, particularly abroad. It can be a creative snack or a full meal depending on the design.
Thursday, October 29,2015

Nutrition trick or treat

Are some of our food staples tricking us into thinking they’re healthy?

By Ari LeVaux
One would think that, as research on diet and health continues to pile up, we might start inching toward consensus about what is good to eat, and what isn’t. But in many cases the opposite is happening. We can’t even agree on the essential goodness or badness of basic macronutrients like fat or carbohydrates, with each side enjoying an all-you-can-eat buffet of studies to back up its case.
Thursday, October 22,2015

Site review

Social restaurant review sites are ubiquitous, but is it time for an update?

By Matt Cortina
When you’re looking for a new place to eat in Boulder County, you’re liable to check Boulder Weekly, of course. But after that, you’ll probably Google some restaurant names or some food types and see what comes up. Often what returns are links to user-reviewed food rating sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, OpenTable, Google Reviews and Urbanspoon to name a few. Attached to those links are ratings that give you an immediate numerical judgment, usually out of five points or stars, as to how good a specific restaurant is.
Thursday, October 15,2015

Just meat

Failing at hunting provides more than a freezer of venison

By Ari LeVaux
Here we are in hunting season again, which means it’s time for my annual plunge into the cleansing, frozen waters at the confluence of catharsis, sustenance and hard-won flavor. It brings me to an ancient place, far from Washington D.C., where a new round of USDA dietary guidelines are currently being crafted to include moderate amounts of lean red meat. But meat hunters can be forgiven for being immoderate in their consumption. Virtually none of the studies questioning the health impacts of red meat have included wild game.
Thursday, October 8,2015

Time to pickle

Fall is the ideal season to pickle and preserve the fruits of the late harvest

By Megan Bucholz
After a rainy spring and a long summer, our local farms were productive again this year. But, as we embrace fall, this abundance is only going to be around for a few more weeks. That means it’s time to start preserving things, and one of my all time favorite preserved produce is the pickle.
Thursday, October 1,2015

The problem with garlic

The garlic you’re cooking with is probably lousy. Here’s how to fix that.

By Ari LeVaux
The problem with buying garlic at the store is this: the varieties that growers like to produce are not the kinds of garlic that people would choose to cook with if they had a choice. But most people don’t realize they have a choice, because inferior garlic is all they’ve ever known.
Thursday, September 24,2015


On leaving the brick and mortar for the mobile restaurant

By Noel Phillips
In the movie, Chef, Jon Favreau as Chef Carl Casper storms out of the brickand-mortar world after a scathing review and a public display of outrage at the reviewer. He eventually decides to “take it back to something simple,” finding his passion and joy again as he opens a food truck. The plot is a common one: jaded protagonist reinvents himself and discovers new meaning in life, but Chef touches on more than one man’s journey to regain vision. Chef also brings new focus to the food truck industry and some of the reasons behind the increasing number of gourmet chefs leaving birck-and-mortar fine dining to run a truck.