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Thursday, July 2,2015

Mastering the craft

A trip to City Star Brewing

By Tiffany Lutke
As I pulled up to City Star Brewing, under heavy clouds and light rain on an early Friday morning, people were out hanging their flags, running their errands and opening the many small businesses that line the center of town. This town’s pride and character persisted as I entered the brewery.
Thursday, June 18,2015

Craft Sabbath

No place is celebrating the convergence of beer and extreme metal more than Colorado.

By Christopher Krouatin
Beer and heavy metal are pretty obvious bedfellows. When one pictures the average headbanger, there’s usually a tall boy in his or her hand. While wine and spirits often have a pretentious veneer around them, beer is refreshing, satisfying and cures what ails you.
Thursday, June 11,2015

The sweet science

Boulder’s J&L Distilling’s approach to liquor

By Hudson Lindenberger
J&L Distilling is the brainchild of two former University of Colorado graduate students who separately decided to create their own booze, while studying for their respective degrees.
Thursday, June 4,2015

Drinking pink

Summer is time for ros

By Megan Bucholz
As a kid, I was aware that a pink wine called white zinfandel existed, but my dad considered it crap. That memory lasted well into my adulthood: Don’t buy pink wine because it’s garbage. Fast forward to five years ago or so, and you’ll find entire rows of rosť in liquor stores and a deep craving for it by wine enthusiasts as we approach summer.
Thursday, May 28,2015

Summer sipper

What We Love’s sangria is a good warm weather partner

By Kristen Kuchar
With warmer weather and longer days well on their way, we start to crave beverage options that are lighter, fruitier and more refreshing. That’s right where Decadent Saint Sangria from What We Love The Winery comes in.
Thursday, May 21,2015


Walnut Brewery celebrates 25 years of craft beer

By Renee Moen
Since, it has become a welcoming and beloved watering hole; one of the oldest brewpubs in the county. A person walks into an inviting atmosphere filled with smiles and tantalizing aromas.
Thursday, May 14,2015

Tour de drink

Boulder Passport returns with summer drink ideas and deals

By Megan Bucholz
Memorial Day weekend, to many, represents the start of summer. In Boulder and eight other cities, it also means the start of a summer of imbibing all across town with a pocket-sized booklet, or “Passport,” that invites you to explore bars, restaurants, wineries, distilleries and breweries, old and new, downtown and around town.
Thursday, May 7,2015

The great forgotten Italian red

Amarone della Valpolicella is worth the hunt and price in Boulder County

By Matt Cortina
Far be it from me to dispute that. I don’t know how, and I’m scared to. But in that due bluster around nebbiolo and sangiovese, and their subsequent products, it’s hard to find on Boulder County menus what some of us hiding over in the corner consider Italy’s finest red: amarone della Valpolicella.
Thursday, April 30,2015

Brewed for summer

Upslope’s Thai Style White IPA hits in the nick of time

By Wyatt Carlson
For those of us looking to scratch that itch for a new spring and summer brew that isn’t bogged down by sweetness or fruit, the wait is over. Upslope Brewing Company has rereleased their limited summertime-only brew they call the Thai Style White IPA.
Thursday, April 23,2015

A new wine frontier emerges

Stunning wines on the edge of American viticulture

By David White
Finger Lakes’ wine pioneer Hermann Wiemer released his first wine 35 years ago. While his wines helped the New York region gain critical acclaim, he never curried much favor with local winemakers. And he had little patience for collegiality. In a 1985 interview with the New York Times, he described most Finger Lakes wine as “rubber hose” quality.