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Thursday, November 8,2012

Dems win pretty much everything, so now what?

By Elizabeth Miller
While President Barack Obama was still waiting for the phone call from Gov. Mitt Romney conceding the presidential race, Democrats in Colorado were celebrating victories here that make our swing state seem more like a Democratic stronghold.
Wednesday, November 7,2012

Despondence, anger at Colorado GOP election watch party

By Steve Weishampel
The place had pretty well cleared out by the time Kay told me, “Obama is the Anti-Christ.”
Tuesday, November 6,2012

Barack is back: Obama wins another term

Colorado goes to Obama, pot

By David Accomazzo
With projected victories in Nevada, New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Ohio, President Barack Obama has defeated the Republican challengers. Incumbents won the national races throughout the state, leaving Colorado with three Democrats and four Republicans in the House of Representatives.
Thursday, October 4,2012

Vote Guide 2012: Our complete endorsements

The complete list of our endorsements for everything on Boulder County ballots appears below. Voting takes place Nov. 6.
Thursday, October 4,2012

Allenspark Water and Sanitation District Issue 5A: Yes on Loan and Grant Applications

The septic system currently in place is considered problematic because not every resident has a sufficient amount of land for the septic tank regulations in the Boulder County Septic Smart System, and many have yet to conform.
Thursday, October 4,2012

Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District Ballot Issue 5A: Yes on Property Tax Increase

The last time BFMPD had a rate increase was in 2000. Again, it’s hard to vote against our local firefighters.
Thursday, October 4,2012

Rocky Mountain Fire Protection District Ballot Issue 5A: Yes on Tax Increase

The increase in taxes will provide for new fire trucks once the old ones reach 15 years. Of the 15 fire trucks currently in use, seven of them are 15 years or older.
Thursday, October 4,2012

St. Vrain Valley School District RE-1J Ballot Issue 3A: Yes on Mill Levy Override

The belts are already notched down for St. Vrain, which includes Longmont, Niwot, Lyons, Frederick and much of Erie.
Thursday, October 4,2012

Town of Erie Ballot Issue 2A: Yes on Police and Courts Building

While we long for the days of the old Erie with dirt streets, we must acknowledge that times have changed and the town’s population has multiplied many times over.
Thursday, October 4,2012

City of Louisville Ballot Issue 2A: Yes on Open Space Tax Extension

Open space defines the look and reputation of Boulder County; part of what makes Boulder County such a desirable place to live is the vast bounty of trails and wilderness areas available to residents.