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Thursday, June 20,2013

Boulder’s green economy brings in the green

A local look at a national study

By Travis Mannon
The ticket out of the recession may be to recognize that economic recovery cannot be framed as a white-collar or blue-collar (or even a red or blue) issue. Building a vital and competitive economy will require innovative, growth-oriented thinking. It will require us to recognize that, this time, the real solutions may be in the hands of the green-collared workers.
Thursday, June 20,2013

Cottage foods 2.0

Changes to law should pave way for prepared foods at farmers’ markets

By David Accomazzo
The 2012 Colorado Cottage Foods Act was supposed to allow farmers and entrepreneurs the opportunity to make foods in their home kitchens and sell them to consumers, offering farmers an extra revenue stream and entrepreneurs a testing ground for business ideas.
Thursday, June 20,2013

Can new home construction fit with a sustainable economy?

Key employment sector turning eco-friendly

By Steve Weishampel
The burst of the housing bubble in 2007 shined a spotlight on the big weak spot in economics: human behavior.
Thursday, June 20,2013

Plight of the monarch

As with bees, butterflies decline due to habitat loss, pesticide use

By Meredith J. Graham
There are few species on this planet that inspire awe quite like the monarch butterfly. Its migration alone, which spans thousands of miles, is enough to get children interested in science and make adults appreciate the wonders of nature.
Thursday, June 20,2013

EPA under pressure to protect pollinators

Beekeepers and environmental groups make a big buzz with lawsuit against agency

By Jessie Lucier
Boulder-area beekeeper Tom Theobald, three other beekeepers from around the country and five environmental organizations filed a joint lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency for the agency’s alleged failure to protect bees and other pollinators from systemic neonicotinoid pesticides, which are commonly applied in the U.S.
Thursday, June 20,2013

Reskill yourself

Old skills become new skills as locals become more self-sufficient

By Jessie Lucier
Following in the footsteps of their grandparents, an increasing number of people are expanding their sustainable living education and learning the skills needed to tackle projects such as growing and preserving more of their own food, making cheese and keeping chickens and bees.
Thursday, June 20,2013

Gardening for those in need

Garden Against Hunger helps local gardeners donate excess produce to the hungry

By Ainslee Mac Naughton
One in six people in Boulder County don’t know where their next meal will come from — but typically that meal won’t include fresh produce. Fruits and vegetables are in high demand in the food bank community, and Garden Against Hunger wants to respond to that need by tapping into the gardening community in Boulder.
Thursday, June 20,2013

Drinkable gardens

Using local ingredients to cool off this summer

By Patrick Fort
Local and homegrown foods have been a fad in Boulder for so long they’ve become passť — they’re the fodder of restaurant menus across the city. But the local food movement isn’t confined to your entrees. It’s a drinkable movement, too, that’s found its way into juices, teas and adult beverages around the county.
Thursday, June 20,2013

County farmer to supply locally grown beans to CU, schools

By Jefferson Dodge
In a continuing effort to keep more locally grown food from being shipped out of state, Boulder County is brokering an initiative that will send a Longmont farmer’s pinto beans to the kitchens of the University of Colorado and local school districts.
Thursday, June 20,2013

There’s a name for how you shop

Ted Ning and LOHAS put a label on the market demographic for healthy, sustainable, green consumers

By Elizabeth Miller
Maybe you haven’t heard of LOHAS, but it’s big in Japan.