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Friday, October 26,2012

Dig your way to warmth

Knowing how to make a shelter can save your life in the winter

By David Accomazzo
The backcountry punishes mistakes fiercely, especially in the winter. But should you find yourself stranded in the woods during the winter, there are ways to ensure you survive the night.
Friday, October 26,2012

Music and events calendar

How the World Began — With the Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company. 7:30 p.m. The Dairy Center for the Arts, 2590 Walnut St., Boulder, 303-440-7826.
Friday, October 26,2012

Entertaining options through the winter months

By Alyssa Hurst
This December, the White Christmas Ball will return to impart a little bit of that ’40s charm on its guests.
Friday, October 26,2012

Outdoor events

Celebrate winter in Colorado with these fun happenings

By Hayley Proctor
Keystone Ski Area, often the leader among the bigger resorts in sending that first chair loaded with skiers and riders up the mountain, is offering up booty for its early season attendees in the form of the A51 River Run Rail Series.
Friday, October 26,2012

Soaking in warmth in winter

Hot springs around the state

By Jefferson Dodge
There’s something special about submerging aching muscles in naturally heated, mineral-rich water when the temperature outside is below freezing or, better yet, it’s snowing.
Friday, October 26,2012

Kicking butt doesn´t require two legs

How adaptive ski and snowboarding programs are giving athletes with disabilities an edge

By Jessie Lucier
As the ski and snowboarding season is gearing up, people of all levels and abilities will be heading into the high country — some purely for recreation and the sense of freedom that an open mountain can provide, whether impaired or not. But some are heading to the high country to kick some serious butt.
Friday, October 26,2012

Hot gear for the coldest part of the year

By James Dziezynski
May you snowshoe into the deep woods and get a taste of the sublime stillness. And may you partake in some of the sweet winter gear that has been waiting to be dusted off and get on the mountain.
Friday, October 26,2012

Basic training

Staying safe in the backcountry starts in the classroom

By Elizabeth Miller and James Dziezynski
After three weeks camped on the Carroll Glacier in Alaska, waiting to ski a certain line after it went into the shade, longtime backcountry skier and guide Donny Roth finally set out for the summit. He and his team hiked to within 200 feet of the summit and assessed the situation. It was, he says, certain death.
Friday, October 26,2012

Have a quieter white winter

Try snowshoeing, cross country skiing to cut the crowds and noise from winter sports

By Steve Weishampel
If the lyrics to “Silent Night” are to be believed, winter is a time when “all is calm.” But try telling that to someone at one of Colorado’s ski resorts.
Friday, October 26,2012

Spend your money on gas, not lift tickets

Spend your money on gas, not lift tickets

By Michael Callahan
After last year’s lackluster snowfall truncated the number of available ski days, it would be nice if Mother Nature gave a little foresight into what Colorado resorts may be in for in 2012-13.