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Monday, March 10,2014

Sports Camps

Local camps that focus on sports.
Monday, March 10,2014

Special Needs

Camps for kids with special needs.
Monday, March 10,2014

A sense of self obtained through experiences

New activities create confidence in special needs kids

By Mallane Dressel
Of course a kids camp should be fun, but the special needs programs provided by Adam’s Camp, Colorado Lions Camp and Colorado Center for the Blind go one step further by expanding campers’ perceptions of what is possible.
Monday, March 10,2014

CATCH-ing up for the summer

Camp pairs summer school with language focus for ESL students

By Elizabeth Miller
Kids are shipped home for summer with reminders that reading and math skills can deteriorate without some attention over the summer. These camps focus on avoiding that.
Monday, March 10,2014

Performing Arts

Summer camps for kids that focus on performing arts.
Monday, March 10,2014

I’m with the band

Music camps foster teamwork in youth

By Andrea Neville
What if you could send your child to a music camp and have them come back with a more helpful attitude?
Monday, March 10,2014

Outdoor camps

(For fourth to sixth graders.) Campers will progress from basic to advanced skills in rock climbing, whitewater paddleboarding, mountain biking and outdoor stewardship.
Monday, March 10,2014

A daily dose of ‘vitamin G’

The great outdoors inspire active, healthy and empowered citizenship from an early age

By Vanessa Schatz
Research has found that children and young adults especially benefit from being active in nature.
Monday, March 10,2014

Horseback Riding

Camps for kids that focus on horseback riding.
Monday, March 10,2014

General Camps

These camps offer excellent experiences in theater, visual arts, dance, music, creative writing, ceramics, photography and more for kids ages 5-18.