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Tuesday, October 9,2012

Beach boys feud: Mike Love says he never fired Brian Wilson

"I cannot fire Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys," wrote Mike Love in the Los Angeles Times.
Monday, October 8,2012

After 30 years, DeVito and Perlman split

Actors Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman have announced they have separated after 30 years of marriage.
Monday, October 8,2012

Rothko defaced at London's Tate Modern

The 1958 Mark Rothko painting "Black on Maroon" was defaced by a visitor to the Tate Modern Museum in London Sunday.
Friday, October 5,2012

Dinosaur Jr. pulls it all together

When the famously dysfunctional trio Dinosaur Jr. got back together in 2005, it was unexpected to say the least. And not many fans could have truly thought the band would stay together for very long.
Tuesday, October 2,2012

Creed singer Scott Stapp: I don't support Obama

Falling firmly into the category of "News you didn't need to know-uh:" Creed frontman Scott Stapp-uh has announced he isn't supporting President Barack Obam-uh in the upcoming election.
Monday, October 1,2012

Convicted Pussy Riot members receive delay in appeal

The three members of Pussy Riot who were convicted in August of "hooliganism" received a delay in their appeal after one of the members fired her lawyers.
Wednesday, September 26,2012

Why 'Won't Back Down' should go back to school

The 34th richest person in the country, a conservative Christian and oil man, went and made a movie. Spoiler alert: It pushes conservative values and themes at the expense of depicting anything realistic.
Tuesday, September 25,2012

Lingerie Football League: We fired some current NFL refs

The Lingerie Football League — which you might say is a few tiers below the NFL, talent- and respect-wise — has announced that it fired several refs who are currently working in the NFL.
Monday, September 24,2012

Emmy recap: Forget the awards. What about the show itself?

If the Broncos' performance Sunday afternoon wasn't painful enough, TV patted itself on the back for three hours last night in the annual Emmy awards.
Friday, September 21,2012

Review: Lovable cops and terrifying cartels in 'End of Watch'

Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena are a new breed of L.A. cops in End of Watch, writes Alison Willmore for MovieLine, and they're facing a new breed of enemy.