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Friday, November 30,2012

Australia pushes for locally made TV, but producers cry foul

The Australian government has put new incentives in place to urge TV networks to broadcast Australian programs. But for some producers, it's not enough.
Friday, November 9,2012

Tom Cruise suited up for time-trap blockbuster

Ever wanted to combine Groundhog Day and Starship Troopers?
Tuesday, November 6,2012

Harrison Ford 'open to' reprising Han Solo role

With the news that Disney has purchased George Lucas' Star Wars franchise and is considering making new films, public speculation is flying over the content and the stars.
Friday, November 2,2012

McCartney: Yoko didn't break up the Beatles

Nothing's more gripping and thrilling than 40-year-old debates, right? Right folks??
Monday, October 29,2012

'Cloud Atlas:' Even after two viewings, Roger Ebert mystified

Cloud Atlas, the film adaptation of a David Mitchell novel previously called "impossible" to make into a movie, has stumped one of the best and most outspoken film critics alive.
Monday, October 22,2012

Oscar nomination predictions: Scott Feinberg's list

If you've seen the Christopher Guest comedy For Your Consideration, you know that Oscar buzz is everything in Hollywood. And even those who act like they don't care really care.
Tuesday, October 16,2012

Comedy queens Fey, Poehler to host Golden Globes

Two of the most successful women in comedy will pair up on hosting duties for the 2013 Golden Globes, NBC has announced.
Tuesday, October 9,2012

Rock & Roll Hall allowing fan voting for 2012-13 inductions

Along with Rocking the Vote, you can now Vote on Rock, thanks to a new wrinkle in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nomination process.
Tuesday, October 9,2012

Beach boys feud: Mike Love says he never fired Brian Wilson

"I cannot fire Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys," wrote Mike Love in the Los Angeles Times.
Monday, October 8,2012

After 30 years, DeVito and Perlman split

Actors Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman have announced they have separated after 30 years of marriage.