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Tuesday, December 17,2013

Writer hired to write 4th Girl With Dragon Tattoo book

David Lagercrantz to take over story from deceased author Stieg Larsson

By Josh Gross
It's official: nothing is sacred. The BBC is reporting that Swedish publisher Norstedts has announced that a 4th book in the mega-popular Girl That Did Something or Other (got a Dragon Tattoo, Kicked
Monday, December 16,2013

Christopher Lee Releases Christmas Metal Album

Played Saurumon in Lord of the Rings

By Josh Gross
  Though 91 years young, Christopher Lee is still rocking out with his stocking out.  Though perhaps best known for playing the turncoat collaborator of a wizard Saruman in the Lord o
Monday, June 3,2013

'The Sopranos,' 'Seinfeld' ranked best-written shows in history

The current state of television, both drama and comedy series, has inspired some to call this a period of renaissance for television writing. The Walking Dead, Mad Men, Game of Thrones and others earn accolades for the quality of their writing.
Tuesday, May 7,2013

As 'Office' finale nears, will Steve Carell's Michael Scott return?

NBC's popular comedy The Office is drawing to a close as its ninth season ends, and speculation is ramping up that beloved former character Michael Scott will return.
Friday, May 3,2013

REVIEW: Tony Stark, not Iron Man, is lead role in Iron Man 3

Lots of superhero movies play on the vulnerabilities of their main characters. But can you have a superhero movie without a superhero?
Monday, April 15,2013

'Veronica Mars' Kickstarter ends, smashes records: What does it mean for film industry?

The Kickstarter campaign for the Veronica Mars film, a much-loved franchise that raised well over its budget from crowd donations, closed today, having shattered expectations and records.
Monday, April 15,2013

Pulitzer Prize winners and finalists announced

The Pulitzer Prize board has announced its winners and finalists for all categories, releasing the highly sought-after 2013 prizes in journalism and the arts.
Monday, April 15,2013

New video from PSY: How the K-pop star is following up on 'Gangnam Style'

Korean pop sensation PSY has come out with a second video, doing what he can to dodge one-hit-wonder status.
Tuesday, April 9,2013

Coates: Actually, 'Accidental Racist' is just plain racist

Country star Brad Paisley has made waves with a recent song that talks directly about issues of race and understanding. But, Ta-Nehisi Coates of The Atlantic writes, the song probably says a little more than Paisley realizes.
Wednesday, April 3,2013

Update: Film critic Ebert, 70, dies amid cancer battle

Film critic Roger Ebert has passed away amid a years-long cancer battle, the Chicago Sun-Times announced.