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Monday, April 15,2013

Pulitzer Prize winners and finalists announced

The Pulitzer Prize board has announced its winners and finalists for all categories, releasing the highly sought-after 2013 prizes in journalism and the arts.
Monday, April 15,2013

New video from PSY: How the K-pop star is following up on 'Gangnam Style'

Korean pop sensation PSY has come out with a second video, doing what he can to dodge one-hit-wonder status.
Tuesday, April 9,2013

Coates: Actually, 'Accidental Racist' is just plain racist

Country star Brad Paisley has made waves with a recent song that talks directly about issues of race and understanding. But, Ta-Nehisi Coates of The Atlantic writes, the song probably says a little more than Paisley realizes.
Wednesday, April 3,2013

Update: Film critic Ebert, 70, dies amid cancer battle

Film critic Roger Ebert has passed away amid a years-long cancer battle, the Chicago Sun-Times announced.
Tuesday, April 2,2013

Justin Bieber's pet monkey: Stunner, it's a terrible idea

It doesn't matter how popular singer Justin Bieber is or how many albums he sells. It's a bad idea for him or for anyone else to own primates as pets.
Tuesday, April 2,2013

Twitter takes down videos from Vine, after Prince request

Twitter's Vine, an app that allows users to post brief videos, has apparently taken down several videos at the request of musician Prince.
Friday, March 29,2013

Read Boston cops' pathetic attempts at infiltrating DIY punk scene

Poor police. They don't make the laws, they just have to come up with some way to enforce them — which sometimes means some embarrassing missteps.
Friday, March 22,2013

Nigerian author Chinua Achebe, 82, dies in Boston

Chinua Achebe, the Nigerian author often called the father of modern African literature, has passed away in Boston. He was 82.
Tuesday, March 19,2013

Katy Perry, John Mayer break up

Singers Katy Perry and John Mayer have apparently ended their relationship, a source has told PEOPLE Magazine.
Monday, March 18,2013

Newsweek's website just used the words 'sizzurp' and 'drank' in a headline

Awkwarder than a Papal Harlem Shake video: The Daily Beast, Newsweek's website, recently wrote a story on Lil Wayne's health issues that included the words "sizzurp" and "drank" in its headline.