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Friday, January 24,2014

BIFF teases lineup with Oscar-nominated films

Announcement includes films by Miyazaki, Kurt Miller

By Josh Gross
Boulder International Film Festival announced just teased more of its lineup.
Monday, January 20,2014

'Fading Gigolo' to open Boulder International Film Fest

Written, directed by John Turturro

By Josh Gross
The Boulder International Film Fest will announce its full lineup until Jan. 27.
Wednesday, January 15,2014

Remaining Beatles to reunite at Grammys

McCartney, Starr to perform at awards

By Josh Gross
There aren't many Beatles left, but Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, the two that are still standing, will reunite for a musical performance at this year's Grammy awards on February 9, exactly 50 yea
Tuesday, January 14,2014

Justin Bieber's house raided by police

Felony search warrant executed by LA County Sheriff

By Josh Gross
Lock up your daughters. TMZ is reporting that pop singer and Brazilian prostitute aficionado Justin Bieber's house in Calabasas, California has been raided by the cops. And what dasdardly deeds we
Monday, January 13,2014

Beyonce pens essay on feminism

Says gender equality is a myth

By Josh Gross
Pop singer and Destiny's only child left standing, Beyonce Knowles, has always had a touch of the girl power in her music. But she made her feelings on feminism and gender equality a bit more explici
Tuesday, January 7,2014

Seinfeld hints at secret project

Wrote script with Larry David

By Josh Gross
Jerry Seinfeld engaged in a public figure right of passage yesterday and took part in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything).  In it, he revealed that he and Seinfeld co-creator Larry David are worki
Tuesday, December 31,2013

See Metallica freeze em all in Antartica

Full Concert Video Released

By Josh Gross
Chances are, you don't live in Antartica. And that means you probably missed Metallica's "Freeze 'Em All," show there earlier this month. That's okay. You can now see video of the
Friday, December 20,2013

BMI wins lawsuit against Pandora

Online radio service will have to pay more to some artists

By Josh Gross
Spin is reporting that internet radio service, Pandora, has lost a lawsuit filed by music publisher BMI, meaning Pandora will have to pay higher royalty fees to some but not all artists. A previous
Tuesday, December 17,2013

Writer hired to write 4th Girl With Dragon Tattoo book

David Lagercrantz to take over story from deceased author Stieg Larsson

By Josh Gross
It's official: nothing is sacred. The BBC is reporting that Swedish publisher Norstedts has announced that a 4th book in the mega-popular Girl That Did Something or Other (got a Dragon Tattoo, Kicked
Monday, December 16,2013

Christopher Lee Releases Christmas Metal Album

Played Saurumon in Lord of the Rings

By Josh Gross
  Though 91 years young, Christopher Lee is still rocking out with his stocking out.  Though perhaps best known for playing the turncoat collaborator of a wizard Saruman in the Lord o