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Saturday, May 22,2010

Hot Springs Are the Fountain of Youth

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, I saw your facebook pictures of hot springs in Utah and you said that you’d actually fly to hot springs to get their healing benefits. This may be personal, but are you sick? What’s in the water that is so healing? I’m curious because around here, hot springs are for hippies only. --E.W., St. George, Utah
Friday, May 14,2010

How Drug Muggers Can Slowly Steal the Life Out of You

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, I bought your Drug Muggers book and learned that coffee is stealing iron from my body. I’ve had chronic fatigue for years, and now that I’m supplementing with the iron, I’m feeling MUCH better, so thank you! I’m not giving up coffee though. Suzy, would you be willing to share more drug muggers, as a public service, because some people can’t afford to buy your book, but they really need your help. --K.M., Kansas City, Kansas
Monday, May 10,2010

Find Out if You Are Deficient in Vitamins & Minerals

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, I started taking 5 new supplements but I’ve been noticing occasional butterflies in my chest, hair loss, heartburn and muscle twitching. I think it’s related to my vitamins because when I stop them, the symptoms goes away. Should I stop? --T.E., Manhattan
Saturday, April 10,2010

Allergy Medicines Are Nothing To Sneeze At

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, I have allergies and I’m not sure which medication to buy. Can you compare/contrast them? - -M.T., Gainesville, Florida
Saturday, April 3,2010

How to Curb Cravings for Alcohol and Drugs

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, My brother is struggling with alcohol cravings, even though he has a support group and does acupuncture. I wonder if you have any ideas about herbs or vitamins to reduce cravings. --H.S. Orlando, Florida
Saturday, March 13,2010

Hemp is Not Pot, It’s a Superfood!

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, You posted a recipe on facebook recently, and it contains “hemp seeds.” Isn’t that related to pot, and isn’t it illegal? I’ve never heard of this, and my grocery store says they cannot carry it. --G.K. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Monday, December 21,2009

My prescription for the holiday season

By Suzy Cohen
Since this column prints during the holiday season, I’ve decided to write about the greatest gift we an give, love. Experiencing love can make you feel better because it causes you to release endorphins. In a day and age where prescribed anti-depressants are top-selling drugs, a little love can go a long way.
Friday, December 18,2009

'Beet' someone you love

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, I’m taking Norvasc, Atenolol and a statin cholesterol drug, Crestor. The side effects are intolerable. Do you know of any natural ways to lower blood pressure?
Saturday, December 5,2009

Come all ye faithful and eat 'til your full

By Suzy Cohen
I celebrate Hanukkah and my husband celebrates Christmas? Why am I telling you this? We both have big families and the food doesn’t stop for two weeks solid! I have worked hard all year to lose 24 pounds and I’m scared to gain back all the weight. Any ideas?
Saturday, November 28,2009

Castor oil is a comfy alternative to pain meds

By Suzy Cohen
I’ve had monthly cramps for years so I take lots of Motrin and Midol. My mom came over and put an old-fashioned castor oil pack on me. It worked like magic. Can I apply it regularly? What else are castor oil packs used for?