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Saturday, September 4,2010

Super Charge your Electrical System with Coconuts

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, My son is a lineman who climbs a lot in heat of the desert here in California. He sweats so much with all the equipment he wears that it makes him cramp. He drinks plenty of water and Gatorade. Besides foods high in potassium, can he take a supplement? --L.S. Palm Desert, California
Saturday, August 28,2010

10 Tips for Back to School Cough & Cold

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist I dread that my son is going back to school because it means that he will catch a cold and remain constantly sick until Thanksgiving. We will all get sick as a result! Please make suggestions to keep our family well? --C.S., Gainesville, Florida
Tuesday, August 24,2010

Bitter Orange Improves Weight Loss

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, I have been taking a dietary supplement to lose weight and it works great. I’ve lost 34 pounds and feel great! I heard on The Today Show that one of the ingredients in my formula (bitter orange) was harmful. Should I stop taking my supplement? --J.P. Orange Park, Florida
Saturday, July 24,2010

Natural Protection for Nerve Pain

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, Please help me with pins and needles and burning. I have diabetes and it feels awful now. I take metformin and glyburide. What can I do? --S.L. Boulder, Colorado
Saturday, July 17,2010

Some Medications Scare Me

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, I just became a pharmacist and started reading your syndicated column. Your emphasis is usually centered around the benefits of vitamins, minerals or alternative treatments, as compared to prescription medications. I take offense sometimes because I think you should recommend more of our gold standard pharmaceuticals which are FDA approved, unlike nutritional supplements. For example, I read your article about depression and you only discussed vitamins and minerals, and never mentioned prescribed antidepressants. --JK, Gainesville, Florida
Monday, July 12,2010

FDA Requires Me to Tiptoe Through My Two Lips

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, My question is about the FDA and freedom of speech. The reason I ask is that I am reading your Drug Muggers book, and you make a lot of nutrient recommendations. When I called a big online store to ask a question about a supplement they sell, they wouldn’t answer me because they said the FDA had threatened them with fines or jail. I find this very frightening. Further, I read that the Diamond Nut Co. was threatened by the FDA because they advertised that their walnuts were good for your heart, since they contain omega 3's. Is it legal for you to recommend Coenzyme Q 10 for the drug mugging effect of statins, and just how protected is your freedom of speech? --E.F. Boulder, Colorado
Saturday, July 3,2010

Relieve Sore, Achy Muscles Fast

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, I moved some furniture last weekend and my muscles are still sore. This happens every time I exert myself, even from walking around the block. My muscles aren’t as resilient as in years past. What can I do or take? --M.J. Decatur, Illinois
Wednesday, June 30,2010

The goods on grapefruit and medications that won’t mix

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, My medication label suddenly warns not to eat grapefruit, but is this a serious interaction? Reason I ask is because I love to eat it, and nothing has happened to me so far. --K.A., Tulsa, Oklahoma
Tuesday, June 15,2010

Tiny seeds offer gigantic protection to men and women

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, My sister has breast cancer and is taking tamoxifen. She would like to take flax seed supplements (or eat the ground up seeds/oil) but she doesn’t know if it will help or interfere with her treatment. Her doctor said it was fine, but wanted her to double check with you, since they both read you in the local paper in Florida. Thanks for your help. --T.R. Albany, New York
Friday, June 4,2010

Tame the Toenail Fungus in Time for Summer

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, I have toenail fungus, three toenails that are thick, discolored and broken. It’s really unattractive I’ve taken prescription medications, but they don’t work, and I’ve had this problem for many years. Will you help me? --L.J., Dallas, Texas