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Friday, November 12,2010

Why You Should Make Your Pharmacist Your Best Friend

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, I’m frequently confused by all the choices when I’m trying to select an over-the-counter (OTC) product from the drugstore. Is it OK to ask the pharmacist for help? I’ve tried at times, but they are always busy and I have to wait. --P.R. New York
Friday, November 5,2010

Saffron Spice and Supplements Help From Head to Toe

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, I crave saffron, and have loved this spice for many years but stopped buying it because it’s expensive. I know you are educated with herbs, can you tell me if there are any health benefits? --T.S. Ocala, Florida
Friday, October 29,2010

Flax Seed Protects Against Breast and Prostate Cancer 

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, My older sister had a mastectomy earlier this year. I understand that breast cancer runs in families, so now I’m scared to death so I’m getting tests done myself. Can you offer advice from your natural perspective? --R.Y. Seattle, Washington
Friday, October 22,2010

5 Easy Steps for a Medicine Cabinet Make-over

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, I saw you on TV the other day, talking about medicine cabinets and how to clean them out. I caught the tail-end of the segment, can you explain more about that in your column. I’m sure everyone can benefit. --M.L., Orlando, Florida
Saturday, October 16,2010

Seven Steps to Save Money at the Pharmacy

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, How can I save money at the pharmacy. It gets real expensive, especially at this time of year. --T.A., Tulsa, Oklahoma
Saturday, October 9,2010

Kava Maybe the King of Tranquilizers, But Use With Caution

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, I get very anxious and nervous over the smallest things. I can't help myself, so I take Xanax to calm down. Sometimes I have a few glasses of wine (not with the Xanax though). It’s one or the other. What do you think about the dietary supplement Kava for relaxation? --D.W. Long Island, New York
Saturday, October 2,2010

Skin Tags May Point to Diabetes

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, I used to have beautiful skin and now as I get older I notice more and more age spots. How can I get rid of the ones I have and stop more from forming? I'm also curious as to why some people get skin tags as we age. Thanks. --K.S. Lodi, California
Saturday, September 25,2010

Be a Mad Scientist- Make Healing Teas

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, What can do to protect myself from catching a cold this year? I have a job that requires me to work seven days a week. I can’t miss a day so I don’t want to get sick. Last year, I got the flu shot and will probably do so again, however, is there anything more that I can do right now to protect myself? --N.W. Decatur, Illinois
Saturday, September 18,2010

Avoid Side Effects By Timing Your Medications Properly

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, I’m having trouble sleeping and I’m wondering if it has something to do with my new medications. I’ve begun taking sertraline (Zoloft) for depression at night and hydrocodone for pain which I take every morning. The problem is that I feel like a zombie at work but I stay up all night. Is this normal? --B.D. New York City
Saturday, September 11,2010

Calm Down with Lemon Balm

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, I often feel worried and anxious, and I don’t sleep well. I know I’m a nervous wreck, but I refuse tranquilizers because they are addictive. I also have a weak stomach. Is there anything natural? --D.E. Idaho Falls, Idaho