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Thursday, March 31,2011

Your Flora Fingerpint Protects You From Germs

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, Confession, I’m a germaphobe, and now avoid power hand dryers in public restrooms because of your recent article. Any other advice to keep pesky germs off my clean body. --L.V., Tulsa, Oklahoma
Thursday, March 24,2011

Cool New Products for Your Health and Happiness

By Suzy Cohen
I visited the Natural Products Expo West trade show in California to find cool, new supplements, foods and cosmetics. Some of them are so new, you’ll have to ask your health food store to stock. These were may faves:
Thursday, March 17,2011

How to Protect Yourself After Possible Radiation Exposure

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Readers, The loss of life and devastation in Japan is horrific, and the effects of the nuclear crisis will last many years. You may need to protect yourself so today I’m offering ways to help you because radiation poisoning is dangerous. It comes with heavy metal burdens, think strontium, cesium and uranium, not just the classic metals you know of like aluminum, mercury, lead and arsenic. Once absorbed, these metals permanently damage all your organs, especially the heart, brain, reproductive organs, nervous system and thyroid gland. Here are options to help pull metals out of the body and improve detoxification, in no particular order:
Thursday, March 10,2011

I Told You So! The FDA Recognizes the Drug Mugging Effect

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Readers, I could probably write a regular “I Told You So” column because new research keeps showing up that backs up advice that I’ve been giving for years. If you are among the 21 million people in this country who take a PPI (proton pump inhibitor) used for blocking acid in the stomach, then read on.
Thursday, March 3,2011

Wash Your Mouth Out- It Prevents Heart Disease

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, Heart disease runs in my family so naturally, I’m worried. A friend told me that brushing your teeth can prevent heart disease. I was polite, but I don’t believe him. Can this be true? --K.M., Sanibel, Florida
Thursday, February 24,2011

Don’t Be the Fungus Among Us

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, One of my toenails has developed a yellowish-green fungus that won’t go away. Can you help? --A.M., Boulder, Colorado
Thursday, February 17,2011

Vision-Saving Supplements Cut Down on Glare

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, My eyes are so sensitive to light that I have to reach for my sunglasses as soon as I step out the door. Can you offer any help with this problem? --E.R. Silver Springs, Florida
Thursday, February 10,2011

Chocolate is A Love Drug

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, My wife made a resolution this year to eat healthy, but she loves candy and chocolate. Is there any compromise because I want to surprise her with something delicious without sabotaging her diet? --S.H., Dallas, Texas
Thursday, February 3,2011

Nutrients to Help Reduce Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, Both my father and brother have suffered a heart attack. I’m worried because I’m 52 years old and my blood pressure is slightly elevated, but other than that, I am pretty healthy. All my tests are okay, but I am scared. Any suggestions? --P.A. Denver, Colorado
Thursday, January 27,2011

Hot Stuff Can Heal You

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, You’ve mentioned that cayenne pepper is very healing for the stomach and can prevent ulcers. How can that be? I thought chili pepper would burn a hole in your gut faster than you could say, “hot chili pepper.” Not so?