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Friday, January 20,2012

Food labels can deceive you

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, I’m determined to stick with my New Year’s resolution to lose weight by cutting calories. Any tips to help me? --F.P., Tulsa, Oklahoma
Friday, January 13,2012

If You Have Asthma, You Can Take a Deep Breath

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, I read your facebook post about people with asthma and how they should be dairy free. I feel better after just one week. I also read where you recommend two supplements for asthma which I just started (Coleus Forskholii and N-Acetylcysteine). You are saving my life Suzy. What else? --J.R., Rockwall, Texas
Thursday, January 5,2012

Chai Tea Has Impressive Health Benefits

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, I can’t give up sodas. I’ve been downing them daily since childhood, but I know they’re bad for me. Can you suggest a healthier drink that’s still sweet but has fewer calories? --R.L., Plantation, Florida
Tuesday, January 3,2012

Live Your Life Over Again, Start Today

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, I am 87 y.o. and at the end of my journey. I’ve been through so much, and today, I’m writing letters to special people. I wish to thank you for improving the quality of my life the past few years with your columns and books. There is so much to say... a simple thank you will have to suffice. I wish I could go back and make changes earlier on, but I can’t. I hope my daughter and the younger generations will listen to you. Happy New Year Suzy. L.S., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Thursday, December 22,2011

‘Tis the Season To Be Healthy

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, The cold weather is upon us, and I’m worried about cold and flu. What are some simple steps to keep my immune system healthy? --L.F., Alexandria, Virginia
Thursday, December 15,2011

Kis All Your Problems Goodbye With Mistletoe

By Suzy Cohen
I wish you all a happy, restful holiday. At this time of year, I’d like to write about the most romantic plant on Earth, Mistletoe. It has allowed more men to steal a kiss than anything else! Mistletoe, a traditional symbol of love, is literally a parasite, receiving no nourishment from the soil. It offers some of the most impressive health benefits of any plant for a variety of conditions.
Friday, December 2,2011

Understanding Pancreatitis and Pancreatic Cancer

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, I've been very sick with pancreatitis. Do you have any treatment regimens or vitamin recommendations that could stop this problem? --J.M., Tulsa, Oklahoma
Thursday, November 24,2011

Thanksgiving Recipes From a Healthy Heart

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Readers, Everyone knows I’m a health nerd, so it may come as a surprise that I love to cook. I confess my kitchen looks like a bit like a high-school science lab, complete with the mortar and pestel, juicers, funnels and beakers. Seeds of all sorts. Yeah, I’m a freak, I know. This week, I’m giving you something new to chew on, literally. And it’s not bone soup again. It’s an “Apple Crisp” desert and my famous cranberry sauce. Flavor is not compromised, even though my recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan. Don’t let this scare you, because if I didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t even know. These are mouth-watering.
Thursday, November 17,2011

The Right Hormones Can Make You Happy

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, I took your column regarding hormone replacement to my doctor. He’s never ordered progesterone, just estrogen because of the hysterectomy. For eight years, I’ve suffered with occasional hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia, and I can’t lose weight. Anyway, three days later, his nurse called to say he did some research, and wanted to add bio-identical progesterone to my compounded prescription cream. Two weeks later, I feel remarkably better. --S.H., Boca Raton, Florida
Thursday, November 10,2011

Coffee, tea, or... diabetes?

By Suzy Cohen
Dear Pharmacist, I read your Diabetes Without Drugs book, and I am on Step 3 feeling better, and have lost 18 pounds. I was surprised to see such positive remarks about coffee, you really seem to approve of that for diabetics. Why? Everything I hear is that it’s bad. Thanks, --M.E., Decatur, Illinois