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Thursday, December 10,2009

Natalie Portman Raps

Natalie Portman raps about drinking and fighting on Saturday Night Live.
Wednesday, December 9,2009

DEA Recruits Lil Wayne To Use Up All Drugs In Mexico

The DEA says Lil Wayne is an indispensable weapon against Mexican drug cartels having eradicated 40 tons of marijuana alone by smoking it himself.
Tuesday, December 8,2009

Kitten Surprise!

Reaction of a cute lil kitten.
Monday, December 7,2009

Police Officer steals Marijuana

A Police Officer steals Marijuana (Pot), makes 'Pot Brownies,' has a severe trip, then calls 911. Brilliant!
Friday, December 4,2009

Florida State lineman doesn't move after snap

"This is amazing video of a Florida State offensive lineman not moving after the snap." Via YouTube.
Thursday, December 3,2009

66 Inch Jump by Adrian Wilson

"Adrian Wilson of the Arizona Cardinals is up and over a 66 inch hurdle with a three-step start. Unbelievable." Via YouTube.
Wednesday, December 2,2009

Urban mountain biking at its best

Danny MacAskill urban mountain biking. Via Telegraph.co.uk on Brightcove.
Tuesday, December 1,2009

Pole dance ruins wedding

A pole dance ruins a wedding. Via YouTube.
Monday, November 30,2009

Space shuttle Atlantis landing

pace shuttle Atlantis and its crew of seven astronauts ended an 11-day journey of nearly 4.5 million miles with a 9:44 a.m. EST landing Friday at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida
Wednesday, November 25,2009

Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama

Leprechaun in Crichton, Ala. Via YouTube.