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Wednesday, January 6,2010

Bystander Win

A bystander stops two thieves from stealing a scooter. Via Failblog on YouTube.
Tuesday, January 5,2010

The Most Insane Mountain Ski Jump

A crazy ski jump off the side of a cliff. Via YouTube.
Monday, January 4,2010

Angry Boss

Will Ferrell and Pierce Brosnan in an SNL clip: "Angry Boss." Via AOL Video.
Tuesday, December 29,2009

DJ Vajra NBA Half Time Show

"February 25th, 2009 Denver Nuggets vs Atlanta Hawks Props to the Mad Monkey Project!!!" Via YouTube.com.
Monday, December 28,2009

Jump Rope Dance

Jump Rope Dance. Via blip.tv.
Wednesday, December 23,2009

The Landlord

"Will Ferrell meets his landlord." Via FunnyOrDie.com.
Monday, December 21,2009

Davey Dance Blog - Amsterdam

A project started while traveling Europe during Spring 2007. Armed only with an ipod and a Canon PowerShot, Davey picks a location and a pop song. Then Davey records an improvised dance.
Friday, December 18,2009

Protect Insurance Companies PSA

Hollywood rallies behind ... insurance companies? Via FunnyOrDie.com.
Wednesday, December 16,2009

Prank War 8: The Skydiving Prank

"Amir launches the first aerial attack in the war's four-year history." Via CollegeHumor.com
Tuesday, December 15,2009

Ukulele boy is a hit

A child's take on the Jason Mraz hit, "I'm Yours."