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Monday, March 1,2010

Pittsburgh 2010 Snowstorm

Taking advantage of the third-biggest snowstorm in Pittsburgh's history, we took it to the streets (and hills) in search of rails, powder, jibs, and fun. This is the Urban skiing from Pittsburgh's February 2010 storm.
Thursday, February 18,2010

Naked Edge by Pamela Clare

The book trailer for NAKED EDGE, the fourth book in Pamela Clare's I-Team series. The book will be released on on March 2.
Wednesday, February 17,2010

Toyota Lawnmower Recall

"Toyota Lawnmower Recall." Via YouTube.
Monday, February 8,2010

Highlights of Super Bowl XLIV

Highlights of the New Orleans Saints' 31-17 win the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV. Via YouTube.
Monday, February 1,2010

Lady Gaga & Elton John - Poker Face / Speechless

Lady Gaga & Elton John - Poker Face / Speechless - 52nd Annual Grammy
Thursday, January 28,2010

People & Power - White Power USA

Almost a year ago the inauguration of President Barack Obama was hailed as a turning point in US race relations. The country was said to be entering a new era of post-racial politics, on the path to a future of greater diversity and tolerance. But while crowds flocked to Washington to witness the swearing in, others were refusing to join the party. Racially motivated threats against Obama rose to new heights in the first months of his presidency, with the US seeing nine high-profile race killings in 2009. Meanwhile white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups claim their membership is growing and that visits to their websites are increasing. Filmmakers Rick Rowley and Jacquie Soohen went inside the white nationalist movement to investigate.
Monday, January 18,2010

Vampire Prevention Win

Flowers prevent ... vampires? Via YouTube.
Thursday, January 14,2010

Pat Robertson Blames Haiti's "Pact To The Devil" For Catastrophe

Pat Robertson Blames Haiti's "Pact To The Devil" For Catastrophe.
Tuesday, January 12,2010

Rampage at McDonald's

A woman who went on a rampage at a McDonald's in Kansas City because she didn't like her hamburger. Police released the surveillance footage in hope of catching the woman who caused thousands of dollars in damage.
Thursday, January 7,2010

Break Dancing on Pearl Street

"Break Dancing on Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado." Via YouTube.