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Monday, August 20,2012

New patent infringement allegations against Apple

Another tech patent battle is emerging today, as Motorola has filed a new case against Apple with the U.S. International Trade Commission. Motorola, a Google subsidiary, alleges seven patent violations by Apple in their iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches.
Friday, August 17,2012

Samsung asks court for $421m from Apple in damages

Patent lawsuit now moves to Apple's rebuttal

The back-and-forth patent battle between tech giants Apple and Samsung moved forward in court today, as Samsung rested its case with a massive damages demand: $421 million.
Wednesday, August 15,2012

Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1: So close to greatness

Months ago, deep in the heart of Barcelona’s Fira Montjuic exhibition center, I played with Samsung’s 10.1-inch Galaxy Note tablet for the first time. Booth attendants were quick to note that the units me and thousands of other geeks were playing with weren’t quite final, but that didn’t stop me from offering up some kind words for the tablet in training.
Tuesday, August 14,2012

Tweeting the next election meltdown

If the next presidential election goes into overtime, heaven help us. It’s gonna get ugly.

The tweets were full of rage. As officials began to tally the results of the tight ballots, many voters suspected fraud. After all, there had been allegations of election misconduct before, as well as lost-and-found votes. Trust in government officials didn’t run high.
Monday, August 13,2012

The ABCs of Apple v. Samsung

There are five drama-laden days of hearings coming up this week; here are some bite-sized takeaways

If you're just checking into Apple v. Samsung...you've missed some good stuff.
Friday, August 10,2012

NASA: Curiosity rover is ‘a precursor to sending humans to Mars’

The photo-snapping rover Curiosity returned another postcard from Mars on Thursday — the first 360-degree color panorama of Gale Crater.

NASA’s Curiosity rover continues to wow followers, releasing a string of magnificent photos since landing on the surface of Mars late Sunday. In a statement released by the U.S. space agency on Thursday, officials said they will use the photos to further analyze the area in which the rover currently sits idle.
Wednesday, August 8,2012

CourtVille: Why unclear laws put 'EA v. Zynga' up for grabs

Both game industry giants claim the legal high ground, but who actually has it? To hear some experts in gaming law tell it, nobody really knows. And if EA v. Zynga makes it all the way to court, the judgment that gets handed down could have a huge impact on the game industry.
Tuesday, August 7,2012

Dennis Kucinich wants radiation levels clearly labeled on your cell phone

Congressman proposes federal labeling in light of possible health effects

If you’re reading this, you probably own a cell phone. And you’re also probably aware of the suspected risks—ones that have been touted by the City of San Francisco and the Council of Europe among others.
Monday, August 6,2012

Curiosity lands on Mars

Most challenging robotic mission ever attempted is a success so far

Mars Science Laboratory arrived at its destination Sunday night at 11:31 p.m. The MSL team at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory's control center in Pasadena was ecstatic; the mission control room was flooded with jubilant pandemonium. According to NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden, who was there along with Deputy Administrator Lori Garver and Presidential Science Advisor John Holdren, "Everybody in the morning should be sticking their chests out saying, 'That's MY Curiosity rover on Mars!'" The rover is checking out in perfect shape so far, and soon the science will begin.
Friday, August 3,2012

EA Sues Zynga for Ripping Off Sims Social

Electronics Arts announced today that it is suing Zynga for copyright infringement, alleging that Zynga's recently released Facebook game The Ville copied EA's The Sims Social.