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Wednesday, August 29,2012

Samsung will modify phones if Apple ban request goes through

On the heels of its loss in court against Apple over patent infringement claims, Samsung has acknowledged that it would modify its smartphones to comply with any court demands.
Wednesday, August 29,2012

How Apple's victory over Samsung was a loss — for Apple

Apple won a billion-dollar award from Samsung in a patent infringement case that has gripped the tech community. But really, the tech giant ultimately lost.
Tuesday, August 28,2012

Madden 13 takes a few big steps

Yearly football franchise ups its game

Let's be blunt: EA Sports' Madden football franchise doesn't exactly bust any blocks. Year after year, the game's updates consist of a new rookie class, roster updates and a few small tweaks to gameplay.
Monday, August 27,2012

After patent win, Apple moves to block sale of Samsung devices

A day after winning a massive jury award from rival Samsung, tech giant Apple filed an injunction to block the import and sale of eight Samsung devices that the jury found violate Apple's patents.
Monday, August 27,2012

Top 10 new features in Apple's Mountain Lion

Since it was first previewed at Apple's developer's conference in June, anticipation has been building for the company's new operating system, Mountain Lion.
Friday, August 24,2012

31 (illegally downloaded) songs cost man $675,000

A Massachusetts man must pay a $675,000 fine for downloading songs illegally, a federal judge ruled, upholding a penalty at the "low end of the range for willful infringement," reports CNET.
Wednesday, August 22,2012

Review: Kyocera Hydro, the first phone you can take in the tub

We all have that friend whose mental balance is closer to a beginning bike rider than an Olympic gymnast. The friend who appears to derive their main exercise from flinging pillows, books and dishes on a weekly basis.
Wednesday, August 22,2012

T-Mobile announces data plan without slowdown

T-Mobile's data plan has remained unlimited while other providers like AT&T and Verizon have eliminated unlimited data options. But T-Mobile's service has come with an oft-decried drawback: After using a certain amount of data, users' connection is slowed to a painful crawl.
Tuesday, August 21,2012

NASA's Curiosity preps for greater exploration of Mars

NASA's success story continued on the Red Planet today, as Mars rover Curiosity prepared to do greater testing and more movement, including taking samples with its drill and scoop arm.
Tuesday, August 21,2012

Why 9 random people could decide tech design's future

As the massive Apple v. Samsung case heads to jury deliberation tomorrow after closing arguments, millions of dollars and the future of two tech giants hangs in the balance.