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Tuesday, September 18,2012

Internet Explorer security vulnerability: Dump IE for now, experts say

Hackers have discovered a way to attack computers running Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 or 9 on Windows machines, exploiting a critical vulnerability.
Monday, September 17,2012

The lowdown on Apple's controversial new iPhone connector

Immediately after Apple announced its new iPhone — sleeker, thinner, longer, faster and all — attention shifted to the tiny oval slot at the top.
Wednesday, September 12,2012

Complete coverage and details of Apple's iPhone 5 release

A complete roundup of coverage of the iPhone 5 announcement today from Apple.
Tuesday, September 11,2012

Chinese company GooPhone steals Apple iPhone 5 plans, patents them

Forget Apple's recent prolonged patent battle with Samsung over various obscure types of patents. A Chinese company called GooPhone is taking us back to Intellectual Property 101.
Tuesday, September 11,2012

GoDaddy flatly denies being hacked by Anonymous

Domain host GoDaddy.com said today its service outage Sept. 10 was not the result of hackers, contesting a claim by a member of Anonymous who said he (or she) had hacked the hosting service.
Monday, September 10,2012

Did AntiSec really steal Apple IDs from FBI?

Leaked list correlates with list kept by app developer

Last week, computer hacking collective AntiSec made the startling announcement that it had stolen the user IDs from 13 million Apple devices from an FBI laptop.
Monday, September 10,2012

Microsoft site pits its Bing against Google, head-to-head

Bing, the Microsoft search engine, has always been pitted against and compared to its massive foe, Google.
Friday, September 7,2012

FBI putting $1 billion into facial recognition

The FBI knows your face. Or if they don't, they'll go find it.
Tuesday, September 4,2012

Hackers steal at least 1 million Apple IDs from FBI

AntiSec, a hacking group spun off from Internet ne'er-do-wells Anonymous, has announced that it stole 1 million or more Apple user IDs from an FBI database.
Friday, August 31,2012

Samsung: New suit coming if Apple's iPhone 5 has LTE

Apple v. Samsung is finally in the books, a win for Apple to the tune of over $1 billion in damages.