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Tuesday, June 18,2013

In wake of leak, tech companies race to appear transparent

After allegations from a whistleblower that the U.S. government has been monitoring citizens' phone records, technology companies have begun insisting loudly that they cooperated as little as possible with the program.
Monday, June 17,2013

Boulder among top 10 most inventive cities

Boulder is often cited as a highly educated, technology-savvy city. You can't take a walk down Pearl Street without seeing a freelance guitarist and a freelance web developer.
Tuesday, May 21,2013

Opinion: Sure, Apple ducks taxes--that's what corporations do

Apple's gotten loads of negative press recently for allegedly dodging taxes, finding loopholes to avoid paying taxes on billions of dollars in revenue a year.
Monday, April 15,2013

Inside Dish Network's offer to buy Sprint

A surprise bid from Dish, the second-largest satellite television provider, to purchase wireless company Sprint has emerged. The offer has thrown a wrench into a Japanese bank's plan to buy Sprint.
Friday, April 12,2013

Iranian scientist claims to have built 'time machine'

A scientist in Iran says he has constructed a time machine.
Wednesday, April 10,2013

IRS memos: Agency can search personal emails without warrant

Internal memos from the Internal Revenue Service indicate that the agency would try to read personal emails without a warrant.
Friday, March 29,2013

Reviews: 5 best laptops on the market

I don't think I know anyone outside of my parents who owns a desktop computer.
Wednesday, March 27,2013

Huge cyberattack hits Swiss-British anti-spam company

The largest known cyberattack in history has affected an anti-spam email company in Great Britain, causing disruptions across the Internet.
Tuesday, March 26,2013

T-Mobile: iPhones and 4G LTE in, contracts out

T-Mobile has announced big changes to its business model, attempting to stake out new territory in the constant battle over mobile phones.
Monday, March 25,2013

Review: BioShock Infinite's story 'overshadows the gameplay'

In the semi-magical, semi-steampunk world of BioShock, you don't play games, you experience them.