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Thursday, June 9,2011

Strawberry Walnut Pie

By Danette Randall
Not that there isn't always magic happening in my kitchen - a little (a lot of ) champagne when creating my recipes makes for a show I should be charging admission to. My lucky husband gets it for free, but as he says, Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing.
Thursday, June 2,2011

Banana Split Shortcakes

By Danette Randall
I'm doing more of the traditional banana split flavors, so don't hate me because I'm (beautiful) rolling old school. You, of course, could change it up any way you want; the options are endless.
Thursday, May 26,2011

Raspberry Corn Muffins

By Danette Randall
You should know by now, I aim to please and hope my simple yet tasty desserts become some of your faves and find a spot in your recipe box for years to come. That's not asking too much, I hope.
Thursday, May 19,2011

Hazelnut Chocolate Coffee Cake

By Danette Randall
Apparently, my requester wanted a New York-style coffee cake for a bake sale. She mentioned that every year it's always full of cupcakes. I guess if cupcakes are the popular kids, then my coffee cake will be the rebel, the cheerleader versus the stoner, if you will.
Thursday, May 12,2011

Dark Chocolate Crackle Cookies

By Danette Randall
reasons why you will love this week's treat, but then I would have to take you out behind the woodshed and ... well, I can't reveal the torture methods inflicted on people who find out my Dessert Diva secrets. But I will tell you that tofu, calzones, sugar cane and Placido Domingo are involved.
Thursday, May 5,2011

Mexican Hot Chocolate

By Danette Randall
Not just for Cinco De Mayo, my friends. This is a treat that works for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, and any time of year. It is richer than your average hot chocolate, and is made up of my favorite combos. Chocolate with spices - not just cinnamon, but chile powder.
Thursday, April 28,2011

Strawberry Macadamia Nut Bread

By Danette Randall
What really floats my unsinkable boat is quick bread. It sounds so boring, calling it quick bread, but to quote the most over-used statement in the universe, 'It is what it is.' And this is delicious, moist, slightly sweet, crunchy and, this particular one, very pretty.
Thursday, April 21,2011

Little Deviled Egg Cakes

By Danette Randall
Yes, my sweet friends, an Easter treat that will have the Easter Bunny running down the bunny trail (hopping is so 2010). The great thing about this dessert is that although it is perfect for the holiday, it can work for any gathering, any season.
Thursday, April 14,2011

Blueberry Streusel- Topped Muffins

By Danette Randall
In preparation for my staycation (I mean, who doesn't just love staying home for four days instead of flying off to Cabo?), I am preparing to turn my place into a B&B, and I am not talking B%u9BA9dictine here, although surely alcohol will be on hand. You can't have a vacay or staycay without indulging a little.
Thursday, April 7,2011

White Chocolate Lemon Cream Squares

By Danette Randall
I understand the need for lemon desserts this time of year. Although lemons are one of those fruits where the time of year doesn't really have an effect on quality or price, something about squeezing and zesting after the long, cold and snowy days makes you feel alive and ready to enjoy the great outdoors.