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Thursday, October 18,2012

Westminster Police: Ketner Lake attempted abductions may be linked to Jessica Ridgeway

This story is part of Boulder Weekly's Jessica Ridgeway package.

Map of Arvada and Westminster with Jessica's home, where her body was found and where her backpack was found

Map of Jessica's neighborhood

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Westminster Police: Ketner Lake attempted abductions may be linked to Jessica Ridgeway, by Boulder Weekly staff

Local law enforcement reacts to Ridgeway murder, by Jefferson Dodge


The Westminster Police Department issued a press release today confirming a Boulder Weekly report: Two attempted abductions at Ketner Lake Open Space, across the street from Jessica Ridgeway's elementary school, may be connected to the 10-year-old's murder.

Here's the release:

Date – October 18, 2012

In an attempt to uncover any lead that may help identify the individual responsible for the abduction and subsequent murder of Jessica Ridgeway; authorities are asking the community to try and remember anything that was suspicious or out of place near the Ketner Lake Open Space during the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Due to the time frame and geographic proximity of Jess
ica’s disappearance and the attempted abduction near the Ketner Lake Open Space, police are trying to determine if there is any connection between the two cases. The suspect from the attempted abduction at Ketner Lake on May 28, 2012 was described as follows:

• Light skinned male
• 18 – 30’s (or someone who’s appearance with a ball cap may look that age)
• Brown hair
• Medium build
• 5’06” to 5’08” (Height can vary above or below these approximations)

Westminster police and assisting law enforcement agencies have been unable to associate any vehicle in either of these incidents. Several metro area law enforcement jurisdictions are working other cases of attempted abductions and various vehicle or suspect descriptions have been provided. In regards to Westminster’s cases, we only have the above description to provide.

Working with the FBI and the Behavioral Analysis Unit we are asking the public to call us if anyone around you changed their behavior, acted unusual, failed to show up for a family activity or other change that was unusual. We are specifically looking for these behavior changes on October 5, 2012 and days after Jessica’s disappearance and the Memorial Day weekend.

Tips can be given to the Westminster Police Department tip center by calling 303-658-4336 or by sending an email to: PDamberalert@cityofwestminster.us

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Washington Post Update oct 23,2012 3:59 EST

Police: Abduction, killing of 10-year-old Colo. girl linked to attempted kidnapping of jogger:




In 4 months this man's behavior went from attempting to subdue a 22 year old woman with a rag which probably was sprayed with automotive started fluid, (My assumption.) to this extreme murder? A sociopath, capable of this horrific crime? That was a Holiday weekend. maybe he was just returning for a visit? I do agree that the Killer is very familiar with, and feels 'safe' at that Lake...



Dr. Lector's astute perspective seems like he could be talking about this case.

I've thought about this being the work of a college grad student, perhaps one from a South American country...I doubt they have to provide fingerprints or a DNA sample when they get accepted by a US university, or work as a Teaching or Research Assistant, like collegiate staff would have to. The cops said they've run the DNA they have against domestic & international databases with no hits. 

It crosses the mind that the DNA was planted on Jessica, but then if they've got DNA from the 22 yo's attack, they couldn't say it's a match between them.  If they're using only the "chemical on the rag is the same" as the basis for linking the 2 incidents, then it'd be possible that any from JR's might be a plant -- but probably not the case since I think they're saying both DNA matches & the chemical used on the rag matches. 

I can't get out of my mind that it might be someone from Boulder.  Someone going between Arvada to Boulder, dropping the backpack on their way in or out, for example.

JBR's murder was so highly staged, so uniquely, so anti-John Ramsey, that I wouldn't even "go there" to think these are related. 


I wasn't aware that there was any mention of DNA? Nor that any chemicals were used? Her head is missing, correct? Possible that if a chemical had been used, may have contacted her upper torso? But I didn't see that info either. I believe they are linking the two cases based upon the Cross? May very well be some1 from Boulder. Lotsa freaks there. So, could blend in w/o attracting too much attention. He also was not noticed there? Than, I also did not hear that the remains that were discovered were 'posed'; like: E. Short,'The Black Dahlia', if so could give insight into Killers personality. Find the 'Why', and that may lead you to the 'Who', and 'Where'? There are still remains missing, and unaccounted for, correct? So, the Lake is a 2ndary crime scene. I agree that this could be the work of a South American Drug Cartel style execution. Also could be the work of a Middle Eastern Jahidist Terrorist? The decapatation, and mutalitation are similar to their revenge executions. This could be a Terrorist Act, coinciding with the Presentational Debate in Denver. A deranged American Al Qaeda wanna be, or the genuine article? There is also the remote possibility that the 'Jogger Attacker' frequents the Lake, came upon the remains, and placed the Cross on them? He's an outlaw, so avoids the Police. Yes, this Perp used diversions. So, is he, or they (?), still local? Still have the missing body parts in possession, or stored; preserved, frozen, and he's close by? Anybody absent? (They mentioned a White Van, highly likely the mobile Primary Crime Scene. And a blue 4-Door Auto? How old? Perps parents vehicle? Same Perp, on different days. Or, a Team? Blue Vehicle used as a diversion; to confuse investigators? Well, they didn't drop the backpack on their way out, but possibly the remains?