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Thursday, October 4,2012

City of Boulder Ballot Issue 2A: Yes on Climate Action Plan Tax Extension

City of Boulder Ballot Issue No. 2A

Climate Action Plan Tax Extension



In 2002, city council passed a motion to commit the city to reach emissions levels dictated by the Kyoto Protocol. To do this, Boulder established the country’s first climate change mitigation tax, which is now up for renewal.

The tax currently pays for EnergySmart, a program to assist businesses and residents in making proenvironment changes, like replacing leaky windows or inefficient lighting.

Since 2007, Boulder’s held steady in carbon emissions — still 27 percent above the Kyoto line, but about 5 percent less than where we would have been without the tax.

The only drawback here is the cost to residents. It would be nice to lower taxes like this one and make it easier for the not-fabulously-wealthy to move here. That’s a long-term goal we believe in. But half a cent per KWH — just $21 per year for an average household — isn’t going to fix Boulder’s elitism problem. It really might fix a few pollution issues in the city.

We’re endorsing this issue for its affordability, its past success and the importance of protecting the environment.

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