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Thursday, October 4,2012

City of Louisville City Council Person Ward 1: Emily Jasiak (I)

City of Louisville City Council Person

Ward 1

Emily Jasiak (unopposed)

Emily Jasiak, 36, is running unopposed for City Council in Louisville.

Jasiak, who was appointed to her seat as representative of Ward 1 when a previous representative was elected mayor, says community involvement and economic development are two of her biggest goals for the city.

Jasiak says balancing economic development with historical preservation is a main focus for her. Louisville’s historic preservation tax allows for places like an old grain elevator to be saved and preserved, but, Jasiak says, “I want to see someone come in and make it something really cool. It’s a huge structure that needs some love.”

In addition to this balancing act, Jasiak’s “hot buttons” include creating quiet zones to help residents escape train noise, continuing to improve local intersections, building a pedestrian underpass that will bridge neighboring communities that have been separated and helping to attract new businesses to the area.

Though Jasiak says she loves how informed and involved her Louisville constituency is, she is always working to improve community involvement by sending emails to residents about meetings they might like to attend, or just talking to parents at the parks she takes her children to.

She may be the only choice, but based on her passion for Louisville, and her big plans, she sounds like a strong choice for the town.

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