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Thursday, March 31,2011

Help Elizabeth Warren fight the madness

By Jim Hightower

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. That was the title of a kooky 1960s movie, but an even kookier sequel could be made today starring the mad, mad, mad, mad Republican leaders of the U.S. House.


They are mad in both senses of the word — insane and angry. Start with insane. They rant ceaselessly against the bugaboo of Big Government, mindlessly breezing past the fact that it was meek and weak government that only months ago allowed Wall Street to crash our economy, BP to make an environmental and economic mess of the Gulf, and Massey Energy to kill 29 miners in Upper Big Branch.

How insane are they? They’re openly hugging up Wall Street banksters — the one group in America with a public approval rating lower than Congress! The GOP majority is wailing that these poor millionaires are victims of government abuse, while snapping at Democrats like mad dogs and howling their intent to remove even the feeble restraints that Democrats put on Wall Street greed a year ago.

Their insane defense of these deservedly despised financial manipulators is now being magnified by their uncontrolled anger at Elizabeth Warren. She’s the bankruptcy expert who correctly warned during the Bush regime that Wall Street’s unbridled greed was leading our economy over a cliff. She also successfully pushed to include, for the first time, a consumer voice in financial regulation, and she’s now doing the heavy lifting of getting the new consumer financial protection agency up and running.

Wall Street despises Warren because she’s smart, savvy and effective. So the bankers unleashed their GOP attack dogs to go after her with a vengeance, and they’ve responded with a furious pettiness — including zeroing out her salary.

To help Warren fend off the madness, contact Bankster USA: www.banksterusa.org.

Respond: letters@boulderweekly.com


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Complete punishment, and not just lipflappin about punishment or pretend slapping their greedy lil patties,Will definitely serve for the greater good of true HARDWORKING AMERICANS  MY LOVE for this country DEMANDS this, and yours should too.  Bankers, in my opinion , are TRAITORS . They shoud be treated as such. Greedy, greasy, GREEN handed mutual stroke jobs between the low-class elitists and THEIR treasonous BENDOVER BUDDIES in government have very nearly ruined this area of the NORTHERN HEMIS  fear ,yes fear of CAPITALIBANISTAN,UN-UNITED STATE of [  I forget ] That' true -I renamed AMERICA . IF Capital is going to rule first and foremost , with financial terrorists being in the midst of  the treason, and we all let THEM get away with it , then there is, sadly, no other name than CAPITALIBANISTAN that fits. My EIGHTY year old father was on the receiving end of a brutal psychological STAB IN THE BACK perpetrated by greedy, uncaring real estate crackerbox house builders that wanted everything that he and his brother had. LAND!  His gentle heart couldnt take that betrayal. IT EXPLODED . THEN I WATCHED HELPLESSLY  as the greatest man I ever knew DIED. The EXPLOITATION and the  wrongful  DEMONIZATION of me ,as the surviving son on the farm , began .  I was supposed to protect that farm, however I started KNOWING the fact that I was an unwitting dupe and pawn in a game of chess / monopoly that I was destined to lose because BIG MONEY dictated that I was to lose . ALL those new houses planted, instead of FOOD  goes against all of the agreements that I , my dad, and my uncle had over the years. CERTAIN PEOPLE , and they know who they are conspired to have me institutionalized to get me out of the way so that I couldnt relate to anyone that , in fact I had been used ,in my opinion as a farm slave for close to 25 years.NOW, I know ,folks that there are people that are living under conditions worse than my own,but knowing that just HAS NOT made things easier . small minded- Big moneyed REAL ESTATE BANKSTERS HAVE TREASONED many , many thousands of   WE , THE PEOPLE  into BANKRUPTCY ,FORECLOSURE, DEPRESSION OF MIND,  CYNICAL DISTRUST,and a KEEP on JUST FLAPPIN OUR LIPS BUT DOING NOTHIN MENTALITY. I'm DONE with that kind of ridiculous behavior . I'm determined to trust anyone who is NOT a REPUBLICRAT or DEMOPUBLICKIN  BEND OVER BUNNY and work WITH  kind , honest , HARDWORKING people to purge the BIG-MONIED IDIOTS from what THE BIGG THEY     call power.  REIGN IN CAPITALIBANISTAN before it is too late to bring back AMERICA . IF you have read this , I VERY GRATEFULLY  THANK YOU for your time . GOD BLESS



Capi   TALIBAN istan,  Wow but i guess thats true the people that live in our goodole AMERICA and not in that other country which has a third world country sounding name sSHOULD really DO more instead of lipflapping or trusting that their elected officials are going to DO the proper honorable actions on behalf of the masses that are being burned. Elizabeth  Warren's power to bring the crooked devils that got our country into this mess should not be squelched. That woman seems as though she IS honorable and on a mission to put the whammy on the BANKSTER GANGSTERS and set things proper . PRISON SENTENCES and all .Please support her now. PLEASE. IF she doesnt help us all -I have no idea WHO will.    SBL