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Thursday, December 16,2010

In case you missed it | Dare to DREAM



Dare to DREAM

While President Barack Obama continues to compromise — we think a bit too much — on things like the tax cuts for the rich, we haven’t seen the same movement from Republicans.

Right-wingers still feel really threatened by the idea of giving young undocumented immigrants who are in this country through no fault of their own a chance at serving in the military or getting a college education.

It’s a form of amnesty, they say. These forward-minded thinkers balk because of the dated, racist paranoia that continues to gnaw at an alarmingly large percentage of our population, apparently.

Meanwhile, thousands of high school students who were brought to the U.S. by their parents as babies or young children graduate each year with nowhere to go.

Come on people, we have educated them through the 12th grade, and then we desert them? They can’t get into college or get a legitimate job without a Social Security number. Does that make sense? How many of these are really bright kids who could be contributing to getting our economy back on track?

And what’s wrong with letting them serve in the military? Sounds like a good way to boost enlistment rates during a time when the ranks are a bit thin.

We urge Obama to stop bending over backwards to compromise with the GOP until we see the same willingness on their part. We’re with our Congressman Jared Polis, who on Dec. 8 helped lead the charge on the DREAM Act in the House, where it passed before getting bogged down in the Senate.

Giving those bible-beating conservative bumpkins a taste of their own medicine, Polis concluded his comments on the House floor with a quote from Deuteronomy 24:16: “Fathers shall not be put to death for their sons, nor shall sons be put to death for their fathers.”

Don’t ask, don’t think

As if we needed another example of Republicans refusing to budge, even though President Barack Obama has basically given up the farm on the tax cuts for the rich, here comes the non-vote on the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy.

On Dec. 9, Senate Republicans used a procedural move to block the passage of a defense authorization bill that included repeal of the policy that discriminates against homosexuals in the military. Now it looks like the repeal may be reintroduced as a stand-alone bill so that its kiss of death is not attached to other things in the defense authorization bill, like a well-deserved raise for the members of our military.

Hell, even Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has called for repealing the policy before the courts strike it down, so that the Defense Department can have control over the change in procedures.

But no, whisper the old-generation crackpots in the GOP’s back rooms, we’ve got to keep those gays in their place. We wouldn’t want to enter the 21st century any time soon. We’re just not ready.

More of the older ones need to die off first, apparently.

First blow for ObamaCare

A federal judge sent conservatives into paroxysms of bliss on Monday, Dec. 13, when he ruled that requiring Americans to purchase health insurance is unconstitutional. But conservatives might be partying less if they understood that the progressive left also sees this as a victory.

The product of too much compromise and a whole lot of selling out, the Obama administration’s health-care overhaul isn’t what progressives have in mind when we talk about health-care reform. We wanted single-payer health care, not forced-at-gun-point-to-join-Kaiser health care. By requiring American to buy health insurance, “ObamaCare” gives for-profit health insurance a fixed position in our health care system, rather than eliminating it, which is what really needs to happen.

“At its core, this dispute is not simply about regulating the business of insurance — or crafting a scheme of universal health insurance coverage — it’s about an individual’s right to choose to participate,” wrote U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson.

Exactly. Those of us who object to for-profit health care weren’t looking forward to handing our money over to the Blue Cross/Blue Shields of the world.

Sorry, President Obama, but your effort at health-care reform was doomed from the moment you held that first secret meeting with Big Pharma.

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no fault of their own lol are you serious ? how about their parents ? put the blame where it goes. Their parents have been here for years and years and work under the table while we tax payers pay for the kids. Not falling for the guilt trip and neither will congress. Let these kids blame their parents  and while their at it let them wave the Mexican flag in their own country. (you have no idea how this pisses off the American people )The dream act is a nightmare act and nothing more . This is our country and law breakers are not to be awarded. and please stop with immigrants crap , yes we came by BOAT and were WANTED and at the time needed . I can make my own tacos and I have an American Maid and American Gardner and I will pay extra for my grocery's not like I'm saving any money anyway -----NO to the Nightmare act go back and get in line.  


what part of illegal do you not under stand people in industry who hire illegals should carry there water pay for english lessins pay for what they need to have for ahsimahlaiton so they can be americans social security and all oay for there children to go to school health care fi you dont want to do this you should go to jail for treason



Angela, the people who wrote this ARE American people also. To say this "pisses off the American people," you act as if we all believe the same thing. We don't. This is a complicated issue, and our society is divided on it with many points of view, not all of which are extreme like yours.

Saying that this is no fault of the kids is true. You even acknowledge that when you say to blame their parents. Yes, blame their parents. But don't punish the kids who grew up here in our society and FEEL American, even if a piece of paper says they're not. Imagine being torn away from the world where you've lived your entire life and made to go someplace that is unfamiliar to you.

If a kid's parents commit a crime, we don't send the kid to jail for it. The DREAM Act is focused on that same principle.

Go grow a heart, okay?



they went american public schools how does that work when my children went to school i had to pueduce birth certifcates shot records they should not have been abel to go to public schools private maybe so lies right from the start


there is more to this then the eye sees these are people who want to change are language they even say they are going to over whelm obey the law come legal or stat were you are


if mexicans get a pass how about irish and british french germans and any one else who wants to come there are millons of uncountable people who want to come to live in america what about them


Simply put, Collapse of America!
1.     Auto insurance mandate !
Under historical interpretations of the Constitution, Congress can dictate the economic activity of citizens so long as that activity will have profound, large-scale effects on the national economy.  
2.  Simply put, Collapse of America!
**  Inaction cost, $9trillion over the next decade, ((Some of CBO analysis : While the costs of the financial bailouts and economic stimulus bills are staggering, they are only a fraction of the coming costs from Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Over the next decade, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects that each year Medicaid will expand by 7 percent, Medicare by 6 percent, and Social Security by 5 percent. These programs face a 75-year shortfall of $43 trillion--60 times greater than the gross cost of the $700 billion TARP financial bailout)). 
Among the thirty-three industrialized countries in the world, only America has no universal health care. Why do all the leading countries require participation in a universal plan? Because every other country understands that health care is not only a basic right, it is also a necessity, a sane policy protecting the country from plagues and epidemics but also from bankruptcy by providing modern and uniform health care for its people.



if you give bail outs it is not a free market and why have bank ruptcy court homosexual and lesbians are deviants if they serve openly in the military they will also say we give marriage license for me no go the best i will give is you dont get stoned when my nacestors came here you had to speak english you could not be sick you had to understand american goverment and your part in it if you did not do these things you were sent back were you came from president obama cannot we does not own america he does not own america if you dont stand for some thing you will fall for any thing this is not personnel it is called law and order you can have redress of any thing in america



how about obey the law or let ever one who wants to come come open borders no citiship no sovrenty if we let mexicans come in we would be biasa to not let ever one who wants come iam perplexed by people deviant behavior if there parents homosexual and lesbian we would have this conversaiton they would not be here