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Thursday, July 15,2010

in case you missed it | Misogynist Mel-odrama


Misogynist Mel-odrama

Maybe you’ve been on an expedition through the Candelaria Caves in Guatemala and haven’t heard about Mel Gibson’s latest meltdown — or series of meltdowns.

The actor/director is once again a victim of his own foul mouth.

Recordings released by RadarOnline.com reveal someone who sounds a lot like Gibson, 54, coming shockingly unglued and shouting disturbing misogynist and racist crap while arguing with his former girlfriend and babymama Oksana Grigorieva, 40.

In the series of recorded rants, Gibson blasts Grigorieva for having breast implants and for dressing like a “pig in heat,” telling her that if she gets raped by a “pack of fucking niggers” she’ll deserve it.

He also threatens to fire the person who’s helping Grigorieva with childcare for their 9-month-old daughter Lucia. “I’ll report her to the fucking people that take fucking money from the wetbacks, OK?” At one point, he tells Grigorieva that she should “fucking smile” and “blow” him.

In yet another recording, he seems to admit to hitting Grigorieva in the face twice while she was holding the baby. When she confronts him about the alleged assault, Gibson replies: “You know what? You fucking deserved it.”

When Grigorieva replies by telling him he’ll pay for striking her — he is being investigated for domestic violence — Gibson makes what sounds like a death threat.

“I’ll put you in a fucking rose garden, you cunt!” he shouts. Take this together with his previous rant insulting Jews, and it seems the only people that Gibson hasn’t yet insulted are Asians, Protestants and conservative white male Catholics, like himself.

Gibson’s racist epithets have garnered a lot of well-deserved condemnation.

But more than racism, what the rants reveal is Gibson’s misogyny. Sadly, most media outlets are focused on the racist taunts, seeming to overlook the fact that all of this hatred is aimed directly at a woman.

In the recordings, Gibson repeatedly calls Grigorieva a “bitch,” a “whore,” a “fucking cunt” and, apparently needing to mix things up a bit, tosses in “fucking cunt whore,” for good measure. In fact, he seems incapable of saying anything to her unless his raving is accompanied by some combination of those words.

Together with his attempt to control what she wears, his apparent admission of violence and the astonishing threat to bury Grigorieva, the rants reveal a man who has no respect for women — at least women who aren’t virgins named Maria.

It’s time for the Pope to stage an intervention.

Hey, hire us!

Boulder City Manager Jane Brautigam informed the Boulder City Council that she has approved $50,000 for the hiring of an outside consultant to study the process by which the Integrated Pest Management subcommittee approves the use of synthetic chemicals on city property.

Apparently, no one in the city manager’s office is capable of inviting the subcommittee’s members to a meeting and asking, “Hey, how do you guys make up your minds about this stuff?” So the cash-strapped city is now going to pay an outsider to come in and ask that question for them.

Doesn’t anyone downtown keep track of these things? Does the city have a manual of standard operating procedures, or are city staff buried in TPS reports?

We’d like to make the city an offer. Pay us, the reporting staff of Boulder Weekly, a measly $30,000, and we’ll handle everything. We’ll study the absolute hell out of integrated pest management and how the subcommittee functions. Then we’ll explain it all to the city manager in a very slick PowerPoint presentation titled, “Integrated Pest Management in Boulder: WTF?” The city will save $20,000, and the newsroom staff will finally get that month drinking on the beach in Tahiti.


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Mel Gibson having a problem with his girlfriend, no matter how extreme, doesn't make him a misogynist.

If he had a problem with 4000 women, that wouldn't make him a misogynist.

The word "misogynist" is used and mis-used too frequently for it to be taken seriously. Apparently you meant it as a joke, which the word "misogynist" has become due to over-use.

That practice comes under the heading of "feminist propaganda" which frequently takes an offense against an individual and makes it an offense against "the group".

The advantage of hiding behind "the group" is that it hides your shortcomings as an individual.

Calling Mel a "misogynist" is an example of a manipulative message and those guilty of it should still take the time to re-evaluate their own intelligence and agendas.

I like Mel Gibson and can sympathize with what he's going through, a rough period.

Very decent of his family to stick by him at this time.

Do try to keep your standards high, won't you, dear friends?





Any man who thinks he has the right to control what his girlfriend wears or to hit her when he feels violence is "justified" or threatens to kill her isn't a woman-friendly man. Mel is a sexist pig. Bottom line.


Part of your bottom line is very accurate, Meloriel. Mel, apparently, "isn't a woman-friendly man." But to be a misogynist, you'd have to say he "isn't a women-friendly man." Plural. He'd have to hate all women. All women, not one or several. In anger, we all say things we don't mean. That's human nature. This article is confusing anger against an individual with anger against an entire group. Bad logic. And it's confusing temporary anger with a permanent disposition. Mel should be entitled to be as angry as he wants with his girlfriend without being accused of hating all women. If a pet-owner hits her pet inappropriately does that mean she hates all pets? When women hit men, which they frequently do, does that mean they hate all men? Does your present lack of affection for Mel make you a misandrist? Do you hate all men because of one man's actions? According to your logic, it would seem so. I was unable to find an objective definition of "sexist pig". But I suspect that the definition isn't "any person who is angry at Oksana Grigorieva". I've enjoyed commenting on this subject but now I must shine my shoes and move on to other temporary things. Good luck to you.